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Friday, March 16, 2018

It's not "The Sun Stupid" It's Really Cosmic Rays AND the Sun -- Man Caused Global Warming Is A HOAX~!

The connection between cosmic rays,
clouds and climate

1. The cosmoclimatological hypothesis
– Origin of cosmic rays
– Linking cosmic rays to climate
– Presentation of the hypothesis

2. The final piece of the puzzle
– The microphysical mechanism, theoretically
and experimentally
– How relevant is cosmic rays for climate in the
real atmosphere?

3. Conclusion



  1. from the article; "Since the supernova variation reflects variation in star
    formation and the morphology of our Galaxy’s spiral arms
    one ends up with the surprising result that the conditions for
    life on Earth are a reflection of the shape of the Milky Way"

    more cosmic rays = more life on earth?

    1. Some of both, I have done work on this and mass extinctions do occur with Galactic center passings. super high cosmics wipes out most life, high cosmics increases mutations, some, a rare few, are good.


  2. And our government, made our then Vice President Al Gore MILLIONS of dollars..with the carbon taxes..geez. Thought our elected officials were not supposed to get rich off the public. My bad...

  3. The nitrogen effect. "Nitrogen emissions are a problem everywhere, and play an outsized role in global climate change; the gas is more effective at trapping heat in the atmosphere than carbon dioxide. Given that any farmer would be thrilled to see yield increases, these results should impact farming practices well beyond the border of China." They use less fertilizer and plant the seeds closer together...won't let me copy link, here's the headline "Chinese researchers discovered an agricultural miracle that could feed the planet without destroying it"


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