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Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Page Dedicated to ENENEWS Discussion

stock here. In an effort to fill the void left by the Nuclear Cartel Buyout of ENENEWS, I am changing this not to often viewed page which was "List of Reactors" to be a go-to discussion page.

Please participate. Dissenting opinions will be expressively allowed, trolling behavior will not be allowed.



  1. Wonderful to do this! Lost of ENENEWS, and its history files is depressing. And Fukushima Diary not posting much. So hope the discussion Continues here! JEC

    1. So far easy to do. lets hope people chime in and keep the activism up!

    2. An archive of entire ENE has been provided by a reader. God bless!!!!

  2. ENE was invaded by a small group of posters that made spreading false stories the norm in those forums.

    They were warned repeatedly not to post proven fake news but did not listen.

    They bashed anyone that showed their posts were fake news and were responsible for running off most of the legitimate readers and contributors.

    So ene was a free anonymous forum for posting facts related to nuclear and energy.

    But abusers came into the forums and posted total lies and slanderous comments from subjects so outlandish it ruined the credibility of the site. They were warned repeatedly but continued posting fake and slanderous messages and bashing anyone that proved them wrong.

    Once that became a real liability to the site owners and it was determined that these posters would continue to post foolish and dangerous comments that could endanger others the owners distanced themselves and changed the reg information to DOMAINSECRECY in a attempt to protect themselves from that madness and those people.

    With no verification and crazies camped out there posting fake information the site was suspended.

    One can only hope the delay in reactivation is to redesign the site to not allow these few smear and fear mongering bloggers to continue posting messages on that forum.

    Ene needs credible forum contributors that post real relevant information and a system in place to keep the fake news spreaders out of the postings there.

    It's one thing to ask a question about a outrageous story floating around on the internet, it's something else entirely to repeatedly post fake madness as if it is true.

    1. We can filter out the troll dung, Nothing is ever lost on the NET.

      Over time i would like to revisit the more important posts, using a harsh filter to remove the dung... Now that they are down, We can maintain some level of moderation on the commentary, We all have spent enormous time posting real good and useful information, Now we can cherry pick the output and nail the troll on a per case basis... I may not have made ENE moderator whilst the site was running, but this is far more useful..

      Both me and Stock have all of this work on file now and We can choose the most useful portions of the work to share.

      If you want to help, Ask, and you shall receive.

      Some folk do stupid shit, then again some folk do real smart things... resurrection is a vital part of the net.

      nothing is ever really gone when talking about the net or it's produce.

  3. The Httrack archive, Here

    4.8 Gb zip, unzip and open index.html and poof you are surfing ENE again.

  4. The nice thing about this file is ... Nobody poking their nose in your surfing... Me, i stay well clear of ENE now that i don't need to access it online.

    1. Funny how ENE is back just days after you made your file available to the general public

    2. Yes, and the handful of allowed posting-people are back
      with a lot of wasteful politically-ignorant comments.
      No new articles, kinda like the presstitutes of the
      moron-stream-media are not touching the life-and-death
      Fukushima reality.
      As a Californy kid of the beach from the sixties, I wish i
      could go see for myself if there are still all the critters,
      such as sand-crabs at the edge of the tidal foam, the sandpipers skittering around, dipping in their needle-
      bills to git a critter. Are there still tidepools at Leo Carrillo
      and Pismo with octopi and urchins and such?
      Do you still get the two-foot sand sharks come to greet you as you wade into the surf?
      Thanks, Stock, for carrying on with the info.
      I wonder if the "Veterans Today" guy has been posting the
      Rad data as before, i haven't looked. Stock, your commentary years ago about the VT alpha-beta-gamma
      numbers they were posting is worth revisiting.
      There must be official, secret hush-hush now
      happening at Guv-Media-Mogul levels, but
      Dana Durnford's work is out there.
      Old enenews discussions seemed valuable as to
      Types and models of Rad detectors, the collection
      of samples for home-testing. I predicted that
      everybody's equipment would soon be made contaminated
      by the degraded "background" readings changing with
      every radioactive rain-out storm.
      Here in NM they are still pushing WIPP, and there are jobs
      for guys who don't know they are damaging their health
      by driving that crap around and underground!

    3. Yes, ENE must be considered "controlled opposition"

    4. Masher, request here, can you archive the non-archived parts of ENE from your first archive, or update the whole archive?

      it will be gone again, overnight.


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