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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Radiation Decreases Immune Systems, Post Fukushima, Flu Stats Have Skyrocketed

From an email sent by Peter Daley, 100% Kudos to him, an Australian that gets it.


The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year!
After Fukushima I kept a close eye on the latest worldwide flu statistics using a publicly available service, Google Flu Trends. My reasoning was people’s immune systems would become weakened by exposure to the the huge Fukushima radiation releases, particularly those people living in the Northern hemisphere.
If that was the case, then it would likely show up in the flu stats.
Google Flu Trends was an excellent resource to keep track of this. In the early stages of observation a trend started to appear. Flu epidemics where increasing in severity. Then Google stopped updating the stats. Getting hold of the most recent worldwide flu statistics then became very difficult.
Recently Zerohedge published a short article “The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year” and it had an excellent info graphic (see chart below).
What does it show?
A dramatic year on year increase in the number of flu hospitalizations in the USA since 2011!
19th February 2018 – The Flu Is Ravaging America This Year
It took 25 weeks for the hospitalization rate to reach that point during the deadly 2014-2015 season. During a mild year, an average of 12,000 Americans die due to the flu and judging by the current trend, 2017-18 is on course to surpass 2014-15 in lethality. More than 80 percent of flu deaths usually occur among the elderly and people with underlying health problems.
This year, seemingly healthy individuals are being infected and hospitalized at higher rates than the historical average. The CDC has reported that 63 children have already died during the current season.
Info graphic:

8th March 2018 – TEPCO Admits Fukushima-Radiation-Blocking “Ice Wall” Is Failing
The wall’s failure, among other factors, is preventing the company from removing all of the radioactive melted fuel at the site, where one of the world’s worst-ever nuclear disasters unfolded seven years ago when a tsunami struck the area.
When the “ice wall” was announced in 2013, TEPCO assured skeptics that it would effectively limit the flow of groundwater into the plant’s basement, where the water becomes contaminated with radioactive debris.
But since the wall became fully operational in August 2017, an average of 141 metric tonnes of groundwater has seeped into the reactor and turbines each day – worse than the 132 metric tonnes a day that seeped into the ruined plant during the nine months before the wall’s completion.
A 1992 German risk study of a NPP core meltdown on the upper Rhine river they suggest using an ice wall, plus concluded that:
1. Strontium-90 levels would skyrocket, and reach a peak level around 5,000 days later. Strontium-90 levels would then stay high for around another 40,000 days + !
We are already seeing reports of skyrocketing levels of Strontium being detected in the ground water tests, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site.
2. Cesium-137 would reach peak levels after 10,000 days.
Interestingly, Tepco has tried to implement the counter measures suggested in this document, at the Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe site. They have not had much success so far.
(Note: The charts in this study are log scale.)
If this study is correct, these increases will continue long into the future!
All the wars and strife in the world at present, is analogous to people fighting each other on a sinking boat. We urgently need the whole world to cooperate, and focus on dealing with the ongoing Fukushima Nuclear Catastrophe.


  1. I am putting something up about this from Leuren Moret.
    She says it went to pot since the ice-wall idea fail ...

  2. shoot ... I should have just reblogged this ... oh, well, finally got it up.

  3. Nice work, stock. And thank you, Peter Daley. Peter, you have faithfully reported on this from the great Down Under for years. We have a dearth of information about the impact or potenntial impacts of Fukushima here in N. American nations.

    Difficult to find new "news" on Fukushima too. Not always easy to locate new stories.

    nice work, stock, you have put up a lot of good articles and study pieces. How is the chitin hypothesis coming along? Any new observations.

    Will be spending more time here now that ENE has apparently met its demise.

    Maybe let dead horses lie ... was turning into a giant flame fest. And too much political drivel, much ado about nothing. Or like a broken record.

    Appears the trolls don't do too much damage here.

    Cheers, Hotaters

    1. Nice that the ENE rats surfaced. Fukushima has not caused the world wide epidemic ratfarmers envisioned.

    2. So the North American epidemic can therefore be ighored. Seriously?

  4. LOL, can the robots read the "I am not a robot" statement and respond via radio button?

  5. Immune system, an Oriental Medicine Dr can help, or if you have no problems, the "Forks Over Knives" video will likely help clue you in.

  6. I copied all the posts from in the Forum for Effects of Low Dose Radiation. If doesn't come back up, someday I'll post the bibliography, but it won't be anytime soon.

    1. Assuming this is from Plowboy? If you want me to post up your archives, just email in any format and I will do so with credit to you

    2. Stock, it wasn't me. Sounds like DUDe, I think he mentioned some time back that he was downloading some of the site, but it would take awhile.

    3. masher1 apparently has the entire ENE archive 6Gig and will get to me somehow. How awesome is that?

  7. October 8, 2015
    A study has found that children living close to the Fukushima nuclear plant get thyroid cancer 20 to 50 times more than the average.

    1. Long term effects, the 1945 event "In 1945, millions of Japanese were exposed to radiation from nuclear weapons, and the effects can still be measured. Today, nearly half (44.8%) the survivors of Nagasaki studied have identifiable thyroid disease, with the American Medical Association (AMA) reporting "it is remarkable that a biological effect from a single brief environmental exposure nearly 60 years in the past is still present and can be detected."[41] wiki

  8. Radiation exposure and heart attacks in children
    of Fukushima
    Chris Busby

  9. Interesting, down in the Leeward and Windward Islands, not much news about flu here. Antigua has US visitors, they have flu....Interesting after reading about 302 flu deaths for this season in North Carolina!! So sad. JEC

    1. Where are those Leeward islands you speak of JEC?

    2. South East Caribbean...just north of S. America..

      And DOG FLU is killing too..terrible in the USA right now. So not just humans..their pets and animals too...JEC

    3. Decreased immune system function, and more rapid mutation of the flu virus and other virus. So predictable.

      Slice of life....first time I got the flu shot was this year. Also first time I got the flu in 8 years. Seriously.

    4. Truth? This so called flu outbreak seems to be following the radiation releases from Fukushima and other areas of the world. The 5 year mark has passed from the Fukushima accident. This is the time frame (documented) when the effects on a generally healthy population become evident.

      So it's a flu outbreak? Notice that the interim data comes from Australia on severity?

      Where is much of the mining and milling (and tailings/contamination) of radioactive elements for nuke power located? Australia?

      And the flu is to blame?

      And note that the US has confirmed the flu shot to be less than 30 percent effective this year...

      How do you get those numbers honestly and scientifically?

      Mutation in the strain(s) are the excuse...

      Where is that mutation capability coming from , if it is true and proven data?

      And stock, you are not the only one that has said that the flu shot itself could be the cause, stories like yours have been reported for decades.

      "I got a flu shot and have never been sicker in my life" has been reported since the flu shot started being used.

      So the real question is? What is causing these sicknesses, especially when it's reported from those that got the vaccine?

      Flu? Or getting the flu shot? Or something else entirely?

      No widespread testing for pollution or chemicals or radiation is performed by the medical community? Then it's blamed on a virus?

      Most viruses and bacteria are not the cause of illness.

      Only around 2 percent of viruses and less with bacteria cause any symptomatic problems.

      So is this the beginning of a outbreak of symptoms caused by man made radiation and chemical pollution?

      Not saying it's true one way or another, just posing a question.

      Any input is appreciated...

  10. unincredulous, just saying hello. If ever I can get my head back together, I'll be around. I think the world is going crazy. And it's making me crazy. At work, it's been a long winter. On work break, I would bum a cigarette from someone on occasion. I always make it clear they can get one from me or I'll buy a pack if ever someone wants. Just a convenience thing. If I'm short on smokes. So last week a girl who never said no all of a sudden says OK but this is the last time (with malice) and I get reported to my supervisor who informs me that it must stop and that it could be considered harassment. --- a bit of nasty, eh? Like 300 tons of nuclear waste in the ocean kills everything and all the hate and blame is laid on me. Sorry world. It's my bad. I can't even clean f'n toilets, man. So, forgive me if the last few years my focus has been, well, negligible. Been putting off drinking the two little bottles of whiskey I bought after I was reported as a baby killing ... bum

    1. yes, same story in Hawaii, kind of. People have "lost it". They cannot wrap their head around a paradigm change, even if it removed a jackboot on throat forever. So they lash out, in every way they can, and of course attacking small business is one of the easiest things to do .

    2. "He wanted a cigarette from me, so I felt harassed, and that was the least of it until I realize that I was handing him an "erect cigarette"

      The Powers That Be want us upset, pissed, ready to attack. And we are giving it to them on a silver platter!

    3. oh, and coincidentally the day before one of the women workers came to me asking how someone can get a job working for my cleaning company. Where they should call to get on here at this company. A friend or relative of the woman their "Loves to clean" All of the people out there on the sidewalk are women. I suspect they don't like me there to overhear all the nasty things they talk about, at least one is an aggressive lesbian, and another views porn on the phone and talks about large male erections... and I'll wind up being the bad guy. They should work for the nuclear industry. I'm the bad guy, now. They should call me banana bum ---uni

    4. I was the only male smoking out there. The other man has complained about them. Not in an official capacity, I presume. Now I hide around the other end of the building. If getting rid of a man out there is what they want, they don't have to get rid of me and put me out of a job to do it. It's a big building, and I can "dilute" myself. Out of sight, out of mind I hope. I wish finding a decent job in this shithole of a city wasn't so hard, and I wasn't so broke I'd be gone already. Wish I can win a powerball lottery so my life would be interesting. A couple of million bucks for Dana Durnford, a couple mill for all the anti-nukes who are more mentally capable than I. That means you. Never happen though my luck is rotten. Rotten banana bum. Interesting stuff on a Dana vid lately. Japan saying the meltdowns are rumor now? Holy smokes

    5. not just rumors, harmful rumours, and "they found the fuel" it is contained, on planet earth.

  11. The flu, Hawaii "“On a drizzly Friday, an IHS outreach team walked the streets of Waikiki looking for people to vaccinate..."

  12. Iodine. Video is an advertisement, but has some good info.


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