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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Synopsis of Current Events -- McCabe Is a Symptom Maybe a Symbol

Seen in the comments at ZeroHedge

Abaco NoDebt Sun, 03/18/2018 - 10:46 Permalink
McCabe won't collect a pension for long. Even the in your face pay-offs to him by the left (work for us for a day and we will make it so you get your pension - just keep playing ball) won't help him. He will be in prison or arkancided.
Harry Lightning Abaco Sun, 03/18/2018 - 12:12 Permalink
Arkancided ! Wonderful. I'll bet there are some retired Special Forces fellows who would love to do just one more mission with people like Brennan and Comey and McCabe and the rest of the traitors as their targets. And they probably would have little difficulty, because the hardest crime to solve is the one where the victim did not know the attacker.

The time is coming in the US where enough people will become so fed up that they will support a temporary martial law condition, and an Argentina-style dirty war will commence. All of a sudden people will start disappearing, and some of the biggest mouths on the traitor-ist side will take bullets in a very public way. Would be so easy, there must be a million targets just in Facebook alone.

No country ever has withstood the kind of division that exists in America today, where one side will discard the rule of law or abuse it in order to get the political outcome it wants. Its not a country anymore, its two groups of people living together who hate each other over politics. It does not take much for that kind of situation to be ignited into a civil war.

Except in this situation, one side has so many more guns and is where the patriots reside. There's going to be a bloodbath in America, its just a matter of time, when all the smug liberals who think they can say anything they want and put their politics before the best interests of the country are hunted like mangy animals and dispensed with prejudice.

Something will trigger it, maybe a Special Prosecutor report that trumps up charges against Trump, maybe an assassination, maybe an act of terrorism by a liberal group. It  may not be anything all that flagrant, but just the final straw on the camel's back.

There's only one side of this country that believes in the 2nd Amendment, and from what I have seen they are armed to the teeth. There's millions of guys who rotated through military service and have no love for the left that they believe is making their service meaningless by ruining the country. There's millions of men who have all kinds of different reasons for feeling the country has failed them, and who would view a mass attack against liberals as their payback crusade.

This has all happened before in different places at different times. 20 years ago it was Rwanda, 40 years ago Argentina. 225 years ago in France. Who will be the modern-day Robespierre to lead the American Reign of Terror ?

The day is coming, its going to get really ugly, America like you've never seen it. Every gun owner who cares about the country's survival will be asked to make a list of five liberals who they know and despise, and then use that list to save the country. Many won;t have the guts, others will do ten instead of five.

The result will be so many dead people that the police and FBI will not be able to investigate more than a mere pittance of the cases. Maybe a million dead in the first go-round, before the news media figures out what's happening. When the politicians start calling for the military to intervene, the Pentagon wisely will decline the invite, because in reality they know their troops will add to the numbers pf dead liberals.

Then the politicians will call for an immediate termination of the 2nd Amendment, at which time Washington will become under siege and every democrat member of Congress will be hunted in the city, thereby suspending the ability of Congress to meet. And then the next phase of the attack will begin. There will be no place for liberals to hide, all the social media sites will have to be turned off so as to stop the exposition of the liberal faces and names. County clerk offices will be raided as the attackers seek voting registration data to identify even more targets.

Its actually amazing how fast a paralyzing and incredibly efficient civil uprising can occur, and how many people can be terminated by it. Especially in a nation where so many people have the resources and will to carry out the attacks. That's what happens when both sides of a political spectrum become so far apart, or when one side decides to live by a different set of rules than t\hose that everyone originally agreed with.  When it comes it will be hard to believe its true, these things don;t happen in America.

And that's when the people of the world will realize that destruction of American values that began with the JFK assassination and the VietNam War protests had come to the bitter end.

I remember just after coming to the US after I left the war, it was the first time I ever had been to the country. I was granted a path to citizenship as a reward for my four years of serving with the US military. I didn't know many people, and my first stop which lasted the next 25 years was in California. I was in San Diego at the time, it was 1968. I recall sitting in a bar having a few cold ones, as it was my self medication to forget the four years of hell I had just left behind.

There was a tele in the bar, and some evening news report was showing a bunch of long-haired college students smoking weed and protesting against their country's involvement in protecting the democratic freedoms of the 20 million or so people of South VietNam. There was a fellow sitting next to me who I did not know, maybe in his 40's, kind of out of place as he was more straight-laced and well-kept than most of the men his age who would be in a bar at what was dinner time for everyone else.

As we're watching this news report, the fellow said for anyone who would listen - and I've always remembered these words - "these are the people who'll be running this country some day, I hope I am gone before it happens". The night Clinton was elected in '92, those words came back to me like a crystal bullet penetrating my brain right between my eyes, the first hippie President - one who protested against his own country on foreign soil - had been elected.

I couldn't know then that this would be the next major event in the de-construction of America, that this would be the man who would convince half the country that their political beliefs were a more important value than upholding the law. He was the one who embedded lying as a standard operating system in the American way of life, from business to relations between people in all aspects. He was the one who told America that the ends justify the means no matter what wrong you do, and no law was as important as the continued devotion to one's political beliefs.

Twenty years later, and this new pseudo-philosophy has blossomed into a full flower of ongoing political deceit that fully corrupts the American political landscape with metastatic forms infecting the entire society. The country stands by and allows a shill investigation of a rightfully elected President, all based on illegitimate evidence that was created and paid for by the President's political enemies.

The leading law enforcement agency of the country has been destroyed in its highest ranks by willful lies motivated by the outcome of a free and democratic election conducted within the laws of the country. The number two man at the FBI is fired for violating serious terms of his employment, and a member of Congress wants to employ this man rather than seek his prosecution for what may very well be criminal violations. People in the country want to raise money for the man's retirement, even though this man's actions - if left unpunished - could set a standard that would allow the FBI to violate the freedoms and rights of ordinary Americans in the future.

Can the country become any more illogical, any more intolerant of the rule of law to govern it, any more as anarchistic as the protesters that the man in the bar railed against in 1968 ?

And so here the US stands, at the crossroads of its destiny, on the verge of a cataclysmic political pogrom that without formal design but with unmistakable intent will be launched and maintained with vigor to cleanse America not of an ethnicity but of a political point of view that is more akin to a mental disorder  than a political philosophy.

There will be no uniforms in this war, yet more will die than when last the country decided to fight its way out of its political disagreements. By the time cease fire is called, it will be due to the need to tally the results rather than to re-consider the offensive. obama said he wanted to transform the country. Funny thing is that he helped set the stage for such a transformation that will make him a target of the transformers. In fact, I don't think there will be a former US President who will not be a target for the transformation that America will undergo from this coming revolution.

The younger Bush may be spared, if he stops criticising Trump for brother Jeb's lackluster campaign and insipid personality. It was a real stretch for a lot of Conservatives to support the younger Bush to begin with. He spoke like an imbecile, he didn't win many conservative friends with his "compassionate conservatism" which was seen as a euphemism for being a RINO, and he was the son of the man who blew a 70% approval rating after the Iraq war in 1991 to lose an election to Clinton in November 1992.

But the alternative was McCain, and no person of personal integrity would vote for that two-faced sonuvabitch. So Bush Junior was elected, and won re-election by the skin of his balls even though he was commanding troops in war. In the end, his inability to see the big picture of the American economy, his unwillingness to get rid of his dad's cronies out of his government even though they were screwing up the war effort, and his incessant stupidity in thinking he could inure himself to the left which resulted in his unwillingness to take the actions needed to stop the excesses of the housing markets, all combined to bury this accident of history.

At this point, it would be almost a surprise if he is not chosen to suffer the same fate as leftist politicians in the coming upheaval.

As Cronkite used to say, "And that's the way it is"...


  1. The real story is that it is nuclear radiation and EMF radiation that has already destroyed all reason and the possibility of the human race to have children. The oxygen levels are going down dramatically because of the death of the plankton in the ocean, wildfires which release the radiation in the trees, and methane release from all the nuclear waste stored in the rapidly melting previously frozen north.

  2. The air is extremely polluted from multiple industrial and nuclear sources, and the atmosphere is sliced irreparably every time something is sent up into space.

    Krypton 85 increases the electrical conductivity of the atmosphere
    August 04, 2017
    “Already releases of krypton 85, a fission product, from SRP (Savannah River Plant) have contributed to changes in the electrical properties of the atmosphere that affect weather.”

    • Krypton-85 doubles inside Reactor No. 2 — At highest level ...
    "Krypton-85 is produced in small quantities by the interaction of cosmic rays with stable krypton-84 ... Fukushima Cover-Up: ...

    Climate Risks from Nuclear Power. Radioactive Krypton 85: Atmospheric-Electrical and Air-Chemical Effects of Ionizing Radiation in the Atmosphere

    “Title: Climate risks by radioactive krypton-85 from nuclear fission Atmospheric-electrical and air-chemical effects of ionizing radiation in the atmosphere


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