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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Another Radioactive Barrel Heading to WIPP Explodes

The last barrel that exploded, which was in WIPP, cost over $2.5B to cleanup
This barrel was going to be shipped to WIPP
 But they want to also put the highest level nuclear waste into WIPP and are seeking approval to do so, even though it is obvious they can't even manage the low level waste.

stock out

They couldn't even think to put down a PVC sheet, wow
and they have no idea whats in the barrels
but gosh golly, sure good the firefighters didn't breath anything
It didn't rupture, it exploded in a firey mess that set off fire alarms.
And it was headed to WIPP, that cost $2.5B to clean up after a barrel exploded in WIPP

It's not clear how many barrels are in the earthen-floor structure that's 380 feet (116 meters) long and 165 feet (50 meters) wide. The barrel that ruptured had been moved to the containment structure in preparation for shipment to the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad, New Mexico.

One news outlet on 4-15-2018 stated that there are filters on the building to handle any radiation.     That doesn't mesh in any logical way with an earthen floor.   

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