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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Draft Post -- Cancer and Cannabis

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Hope y'all don't mind my disrupting all the arguing :). I have what I think is important evidence regarding eliminating cancerous conditions. Firstly, thanks to everyone for the info, much good research to jump off from here.

As some of you know, I was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of uterine cancer. That diagnosis, fortunately, turned out to be incorrect. The pathology was released prematurely before the chem stains were complete. The pathology report didn't look right to my surgeon so he did a follow-up and turns out I did not have serous cell cancer, but I did have uterine cancer.

The day after I found out about the (not serous) cancer I began a modified Gerson diet, supplements including dandelion root supplements and tea along with an extremely potent cannabis tincture 1:1 cbd/thc. I took the dandelion and cannabis tincture protocol with the specific purpose of reducing vascular growth to the tumor and to cause apoptosis of the cancer cells.

I was bleeding heavily from the tumor (severe anemia), but within one week of intensive cannabis protocol the bleeding had almost completely stopped but I was still bleeding heavily at night so I doubled the dosage and within another week bleeding had nearly stopped at night. The week before surgery I eliminated all supplements plus sharply reduced my tincture use and started bleeding again. Pathology after surgery indicated the tumor was undergoing apoptosis; possible clear cell had not developed.

Cancer is…

Dazy Dazy
Cancer is gone. I'm now doing maintenance dose at a reduced level which is appropriate in case of distant metastisis.
  • PlowboyGrownUp
    Good to hear of your success Dazy.
  • Dazy Dazy
    Thank you both. If anyone has need of more specifics on the making and use of my cancer fighting protocol I will be more than happy to share.
    • PlowboyGrownUp
      Where can that tincture be obtained?
    • PlowboyGrownUp
      Dazy, could you tell the general dosages, dandelion, etc?
      • Dazy Dazy
        Re. dandelion root and tea: one 400mg tablet dandelion root plus up to 3 cups of dandelion leaf and root tea (teabags I purchased).
        Cannabis tincture: I serendipitously started making 5 months prior to treatment (to treat chronic fibro pain) so I had plenty on hand. Tincture can be acquired from govt dispensary or legal cannabis shops but is fairly low strength compared to what I can make and the cost is unaffordable at the quantity you need to take to fight the cancer.

        I first decarboxylated the cannabis to get a 1:1 ratio of cbd/thc which is supposed to be the most effective for cancer fighting. this is the research I used for decarboxylation. 235-240 degrees farenheit for 45 minutes to one hour.

        To eliminate oven fluctuation first break the cannabis up into very small pieces and leave in the stems (do not grind, must do this by hand) then wrap the material in foil like a flat burrito, also wrap your baking dish with foil. Once the cooking is done put the foil burrito in the freezer till it cools.

        Once the material has cooled simply put it in a dark jar covered completely with Everclear (highest alcohol content available is best for extraction). Agitate this mixture daily. It will have an effect after a couple of weeks, very nice after 30 days and extremely potent at 4-6 months. Keep your jar in a dark place and ideally in a warm cupboard which helps activation.

        • Dazy Dazy
          Re. dosing with cannabis tincture: you cannot pussyfoot around with your dosage or it will cause the cancer to act aggressively because it can fight back. My max dosage was x6 droppers every 2 hrs in whatever I was drinking: coffee, tea, juice, almond milk. I did this protocol for 30 days with results. According to my research the minimum length of time to have an effect of apoptosis to 30-90 days although I had positive effects on vascular growth to the tumor within a week.
          Finally, once the main cancer has been eliminated it's been found that a reduced dose of 25-30% of maximum dosage has a positive result in eliminating distant metastasis vs. remaining on the high dose which is less effective.
          There is a machine called MagicButterMaker that can make the tincture in 8-16 hours but is a very aromatic process and I haven't tested with it. I've made edible butter that is very strong so I presume the tincture would be good as well using the machine.
          A reference for strong = very experienced cannabis users find my edibles to be extremely potent.
          1-2 ounces high grade decarboxylated material per pint of Everclear is the recipe for the tincture.
        • PlowboyGrownUp
          Thanks Dazy. Wife is taking IV vita C (Chiese Medicine Dr) for a small glioma which was removed surgically. From what I can find, the vita C, if contacting a cancer cell, produces some h2o2 which zaps the cell. Will know if it's helping after an MRI, middle of May.

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