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Thursday, April 12, 2018

Ecological Predictions of Species Devastation Due to Biological Impoverishment

stock here, written in 1986 1988 this prediction of species die offs and problems created by lack of diversity of life forms (sheesh, and just lack of presence of life forms) 

Let's hope that this ecologists have about as much success as modeling the future as climate scientists.


"This utter dependence of organisms on appropriate environments (Ehrlich, 1986) is what makes ecologists so certain that today's trends of habitat destruction and modification—especially in the high-diversity tropical forest (where at least one-half of all species are believed to dwell)—are an infallible recipe for biological impoverishment. Those politicians and social scientists who have questioned the extent of current extinctions are simply displaying their deep ignorance of ecology; habitat modification and destruction and the extinction of populations and species go hand in hand."
The Loss of Diversity Causes and Consequences – Paul R. Ehrlich – 1988

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