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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Facebook and Sugar = Bad, Chocolate and Coffee = Good

stock here--

really quite stoked to plant out my microfarm next week and the next.   Access to high quality Non-
GMO, organic food is invaluable.   Some people ask me "is it worth it"?   I don't want to laugh in their face, but it's hard to not do so.  

If it is possible to produce your own food, and you don't do it, you are an idiot.   Especially with huge inflation coming, that inflation won't target big screen TV's by the way.   

The "average" compensation at Facebook is almost a QUARTER MILLION!!!   Do you think workers there might do anything the higher ups tell them to do?

And here, processed sugar, shown to dumb down kids.

 BUT CHOCOLATE GOOD!    yeah!!!!!!!

Funny though, only 1 person in 50 can define "inflammation" although we all know it is bad.

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