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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Epiphany -- We Need to Use the Machine to Beat the Machine

I had an epiphany last night, after a good workout at the gym, and while showering up and listening to some music.

"We need to use the machine to beat the machine" said the tool user.

Its funny how the super corrupt elite have focused peoples attention,energy, and money on the idiocy of "global warming" when the real problems have been completely ignored.

Wasting resources on "global warming" is disgusting, and a sign of just how brainwashed people have become.   there is weather changes, as there has been throughout the centuries.   If there is any man caused effects, we can barely measure it or prove it.

In 14 seconds, the sun adds more energy to the earth, than all the nuclear bombs ever exploded.    Cosmic ray nucleate clouds.   Sun and Earth magnetism create a somewhat protective "shield" for cosmic ray.   When the sun is "quiet", less sunspots, and thus less magnetism, more cosmic rays get through, creating more clouds and thus a cooling trend.   This is our current status.

At the tail end of a massive El Nino, which was amplified by the death of phytoplankton and krill caused by radiation absorption into their chitinous structures (which bio magnify radiation like a sponge) and the off gassing of said creature which also nucleates clouds.   At the tail end of this "warming" we now enter a cooling period.   

I increased the footage of my greenhouses by 250% this year.

Nothing will be done in terms of outlawing all guns, nor making stupid laws that restrict some guns, but such restrictions would have no effect on mass murders, or negligible effect whilst creating destruction of one of our most basic freedoms, the freedom to defend yourself.

So pretending that "since we are already under tyranny" why the hell not take away the guns, even those guns are a major factor in keeping local and federal governments from becoming "bat shit crazy Orwellian tyrannical".    So this pretense is not just a disgusting false argument, it is a very dangerous ploy.    Combined with the advent of "perfect propaganda" as "benefited" by the new electronically monitored society using cell phones, text, and email and immediate propaganda analysis of effectiveness via social media and NSA devouring of all the electronic sources, these type of bald faced lies must be swatted back by those who can still think and communicate.

Although America does have legitimate problems, the most critical problems have been created over decades by the super rich of the world that hated, and could not "work with", the strength and moral solidarity of the American Christian middle class, which had the means and the spiritual fortitude to "do the right thing" and to push back against the desires of the super rich and powerful forces that were disgusted that they even had to put up with any of the thoughts and pushback of the "little people".  

So the plot to destroy the American middle class has been ongoing for many decades, and an overtly marginalized society, spurred on by a mass media and monied interests that directly fund "protests" and physical attacks on those that would push back, and fueled by an intentional effort to divide the country by every way possible, is where we are.    

React with love, and light, and truth, and positive energy.    But also be ready to bitch slap the "powers that be" that currently work against the common good. 

 "stock , do you think it is possible for a living planet that has a moderated by life climate optimist for said life to die without having its climate affected ?"

You have lost grammatical sense.

I spent decades as a "climate apologist" stating "of course man is affecting the climate".   Then I gathered the data, the statistics that show 95% of all temperature data can be predicted by only 2 factors....sunspots (magnetism/GCR and related cloud nucleation) and the Pacific Decadel Oscillation.   And also understanding the nefarious objectives of our sociopathic "leaders" that want to transfer wealth and control all energy sources by creating the false bogey monster of CO2.

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