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Monday, April 23, 2018

If Fukushima Has Decimated The Ocean -- Why Hasn't the Price of Fish Gone Up

Its a valid point, one worthy of a deep dive.   

I took a stab at it the other week, with a report on farmed fish.   And please, before you buy into the "marketing plan" for Tilipia, in which the marketing genious wanted to take a shit water garbage fish and market it "exotic asian", please study it, there is a basic "meat" issue that make Tilipia really bad. 

Will you pay more for "wild" fish?    You should if you want to eat fish at all.

Kind of related?    Poor immune system function, morbiidty, directly affected by radiation.

And Majia continues to expose insults to our environment

Fish farming, unsavory business.


Why isn't the price of fish rising?
Is it possible that cloned fish is being sold to keep prices down?
I believe the masses won't notice the death of the Pacific until the price of fish rises substantially.
It's all about money these days.
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fish haul appears to be quite high. Fukushima didnt kill the ocean yet! But several fisheries are closed. Tax payers subsidize the impacted industry. Fish farming is overtaking wild fish catch as the main source.
There are nearly five million fishing boats scouring the ocean. Average consumption of fish flesh is nearly 40 lb per year per person. Governing bodies have somehow decided that this huge killing of fish is sustainable.
Its like a science fiction nightmare…an overpopulating species figures out how to spread nets and consume the living world. 100 million tons is a lot of life going down ape-mans gullet into the sewer. Indeed 80 per cent of the world’s fish stocks for which assessment information is available are reported as fully exploited or overexploited
With reports of coastal decimation (Durnford, Blanch), and the incredible mortality events of multiple aquatic animals, its indeed a mystery that the fishery catches seem unaffected. How could this be?×382.jpg
And the plastic garbage gyre is growing rapidly
Plastic patch in Pacific Ocean growing rapidly, study shows
It was known since Chernobyl that plankton absorb nuke fallout, die and bring it to the bottom. This reduced otherwise more dire impacts from Fukushima.
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fish continued….it is shown that bottom feeders are considerably more contaminated. The death of fallout impacted plankton gave way to new blooms. Toxic algae blooms apparently increased. Nevertheless, the food chain continued.
An analogy could be made of a sick person. He lays in the hospital bed mortally ill but scientists take a count of the number of live organs and cells and declare the patient is sustainable.
The obvious reality that escapes scientists; you cant kill and poison everything and expect life to roll along as usual. Its amazing many fish catches remain
95 percent decline of anchovie and sardine means the base of the food chain has dropped out. Management is dont in courts. It is beyond imagination that a 95% decimation of the feed fish wont have a ripple of similar magnitude throught the chain of life.
We can briefly visit economics. Fishing is less exploitative to PEOPLE than many industries, yet we can still see that the end purchaser must work 3.4 times what he would if he were directly getting the fish, in order to pay the system of processing and middle man profit margins. Would you rather fish for an hour or work three and a half hours at your job in order to eat?
Commercial fishing…
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One can see the burden placed on consumers by the system. Commercial fishing vessels in 2012 landed about 4.6 million metric tons of tuna worldwide. The estimated dock value, or amount paid to fishermen, was US $12.2 billion. The end value, paid by consumers is $41.6 billion. Looking at data on interest payments and other economic metric shows that people work 3/4 of their lives just to carry bankers, wall street and middle men on their backs.
So enough economics…back to fish. Its a mystery how fishery hauls can apparently be unaffected by a crash of sardine and anchovie.
One thing is that data doesnt always tell the story…
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95 percent decline of anchovie and sardine means the base of the food chain has dropped out. Management is done in courts, an indicator of political forces often divorced from natural reality. It is beyond imagination that a 95% decimation of the feed fish wont have a ripple of similar magnitude throughout the chain of life.
Basing the health of a fishery on fish hauls may not be accurate. Increased numbers of commercial fishing boats and more aggressive catch techniques may confound the picture. The largest catch could be the last one
Data varies….what is reported and data ruled upon may differ from reality.
Catch reconstructions reveal that global marine fisheries catches are higher than reported and declining
For any scientist or policy maker to assume the future is stable and even rosy, against the background of increasing pollution, nuclear disasters, overfishing and rising population is sheer lunacy. History shows that crashes are catastrophic and unanticipated. Well I anticipate it…

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