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Friday, April 13, 2018

Mila de Mier -- Anti GMO Activist -- Travels to DC to Present 200,000 Signature Petition -- Dies is DC Pool The Night Before

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She died in a pool in DC the night before turning in a petition to EPA to Stop GMO Mosquitoes.

Hmmm, a "natural death" or a drowning death seem very unlikely to me.

her Twitter account

From her face book --before it is taken down.

 Mila De Mier March 27 at 9:57pm · Key West, FL · For the last 6 years of my life, I been putting my energy, my money and more important the time that I took away form my kids, my parents, my family, my friends, my business.

Having the courage to go and travel to places like Washington Dc to meet with the FDA several times, face them face to face, witness the CEO of Oxitec lying in a congressional hearing, hundreds of calls, interviews, facing the Florida Governor cabinet, I can go on and and on... all because I think the cause is noble enough to fight for my family, my community.

Please, The time is Now to make your comments to the EPA. The original agency took a very long time and pass the hot potato to the EPA where now this antiobitic dependent mosquitoes want to be classified as Bio Pesticides and I guest we are the guinea pigs. We are talking of 50 million mosquitoes per week, yes, you read right 50 Million mosquitoes per week, 7 times per week for up to 2 years between the Florida Keys and Texas. Could imagine what potentially can do to our health, our sensitive ecosystem? the tourist economy?

What happens if something going wrong how are we are going to recall this millions of Mosquitos? Please make a comment to the EPA. Please do not consent to this medical treatment in our piece of Paradise Florida Keys.

Comment now…

Here is the pool she died in

And unrelated story, but on our type of activism against the powerful nuclear cartel.


Millennials 'have no qualms about GM crops' unlike older generation 

Sadly, deferring to authority is the mostly likely explanation. That and too lazy to look beyond their screens. Feeding indifference permits ‘authorities’ to steal from the commons and get away with it. Apparently, influence leaders in church and state are equally blind to the example it sets for children. Kids learn to ‘go blind’ when they see their parents [teachers, mayors, clergy] take a dive. And so the wheel turns and the hole gets deeper.


  1. other topic --- mystery Idaho nuke waste accident under way .... I have no details.
    My blog post:

    I think this place handles weapons waste, not NPP waste like WIPP. But I may be wrong. Anyway ... Idaho stuff is all secret.

    1. WIPP supposedly only does weapons waste, but now they are lobbying to "handle" NPP high level waste.

  2. All other news states that she died the morning she was to bring the signatures, not the night before.


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