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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trump Is Going To Do About 70% to 80% of USA Related Actions Very Well

Sometimes I get a comment on blogs or news sites to the effect of "What the heck has Trump even done of any good."

So this is not a complete list -- But a quick list of the obvious things that have come to mind.

Anyone want to add to it, or rebut any of it?   

Maybe you want to have a section on really shitty things he has done?   Keep it real and specific, anyone launching into "vulgar" or "unfit" will get no respect on this website.

NWO pushback, all by itself, is enough to justify a title of awesome.  

Protecting 2A against a tyrannical government which was getting worse is a big one, and in light of self protection needed during a period of intentional division of American by the richest most powerful people on the planet. 

Out of Paris --- huge they want to extract $20T and Bloomberg is pimping out $4.5M as if that "keeps us in it".

Out of crappy trade agreements that have been designed to enslave America with debt form buying crappy shit we don't need anyway.

Securing the borders and starting to eliminate those here illegally.    Essential to the existence of, can I call it a nation/state.

Elimination of the EPA water grab for controlling every water body within a "significant nexus" of any navigable body of water.    Significant Nexus basically means we can make up anything we want and control anyone's water in any way including forcing them to spend money and time to manage that water the way WE see fit.   navigable means that you could float a kayak on it on the rainiest day of the year.    i.e. a large puddle.   

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