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Sunday, April 8, 2018

We All "Know" That Eating Fish is Healthy -- Farmed Fish Is a Major Health Hazard

After watching this, I am even more excited to do my annual planting of my microfarm!

How many ways can we find to kill ourselves, slowly and expensively. Seems absurd.

Documentary Film - Resonance Beings of Frequency [1hr, 28 min.]

It’s probably too late for most people, especially many kids. It’s unlikely that the greed merchants will permit the govt to interfere with their gold mine.

I am deeply disappointed in elected officials who have chosen to look away, even when they are aware of the risks. These people will forever bear a yoke of shame for denying the dangers of cell and wifi technology. Their failure to alert the people they represent is a dark blot on their lives.

The rest of you clutch the device - your fondle slab - as if it were central to a good life, blind to the fact it’s actually a tombstone.


  1. That's nice dear. See you in hell.

    1. Mankind is creating hell on earth, you dont have to wait.


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