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Friday, April 13, 2018

What Do Zuckerberg and Fukushima Have In Common? Destruction of the Vitality of Our World

Lot's Wife writes below, LF sure can turn a phrase, although I would like to see a little more Jackboot, Goosestep, and of course Cow Bell, we need more Cow Bell.

I did a preliminary post on resources to help us minimize our footprint on the "services" that can do us the most damage.   Regardless of how much you like these "services", continuing to use them re-enforces in the establishment's eyes, your willing acceptance of a loss of rights.   Please help add to this list via comments or direct email <>


New study reveals that the center of the world's marine biodiversity is on verge of loss 

...up to 90% of the seagrass meadows that they examined in Indonesia have been extensively damaged and degraded over the past five years.

..."Declining seagrass health is the result of shifting environmental conditions due largely to coastal development, land reclamation, and deforestation, as well as seaweed farming, overfishing and garbage dumping.
No one is looking for radiation damage because it is an undiscussed prospect. Nuclear radiation enjoys an ignorance that favors continued damage.


Tuck vs Zuck (Day 1) 

Excellent commentary about monopoly, free speech expectations and political influence.

Circling overhead, dumping fuel, FB’s origins are about to be spilled. It will be revealed - or should be revealed - that the CIA/mil intel developed a working model for a digital monitoring, data gathering, influence vectoring project that is now called Facebook. In order to make it safe and friendly, it was given to Zuck with the understanding that all data is back-doored. He was told, “Here, have fun, make a pile of money. We’ll be watching but we don’t know you.”

If this is surprising, you’ve not been paying attention to CIA proprietary operations. If you are looking to get on step, read Peter Dale Scott for background.

Some of you may be familiar with Q anon, which may be 2 seperate entities, not sure.   This guy takes Q postings and deciphers them.   He is very level headed, and not trying to sell anything.   

My first time, trying to post a URL from Facebook, hilarious, as I speak of fleeing the establishment internet memes.


  1. here a no-comment dept. item --

    they haven't even gotten around to testing donated salmon. Donated because they might get their feet wet getting their own!

  2. and on Zuck --- see my comment --- about impending 'donation' ...

    ok to use any of it ....


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