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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Which Environmental "Stewards" have Ignored Fukushima?

Pretty much all of them.  

Anyone want to add links and comments, let me know

Anyone have some solid theories on why?

They have a search box near the top, type in Fukushima.   Crickets.

Woods Hole has not ignored Fukushima, they simply look for the wrong thing, then downplay it.

and their search for Fukushima shows a lot of articles....downplaying.

Couldn't resist - Popular Mechanics -- hardly needs a pot shot

 Greenpeace does cover Fukushima, but gets many parts wrong

We have checked these stories and our conclusion is clear: these are not stories based in fact. For example, while unprecedented amounts of radioactive cesium have ended up in the Pacific Ocean, significantly contaminating sediments and fisheries along the Japanese coastline, there is no plausible mechanism that could transport significant levels of contamination across the Pacific to reach beaches in the US or Australia.


Funny how, because its 'Russia did it', Chernobyl gets current airplay


  1. For the same reason that we spend too much time talking about climate change--it suits the narrative for the existing worldview.

    1. Exactly, ignore the elephant in the room, and focus on something that we really have little control on.

      I would say though, its not the worldview at the centre, its the projection of the narrative that "they" want to be the worldview.


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