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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Wireless Signals Proven to Destroy Human Health, Increase Cancers and Their Aggressiveness

No difference; EMF is the same. 

(See the kids mouthing them in the grocery kart as mama selects organic fruit for the family.)

Here’s a 1981 NASA study showing the deficits of EMF were well known. TPTB knew EMF caused cancer and interfered with biological functions. However, the amt of money to be made overwhelmed caution. No worry, they said, medical science would find a way to correct the damage.

Well, almost 40 years have passed and the rate of cancers is through the roof. If and when people get smart, the resulting legal barrage will sink the telecomms. A lot of lawyers have brain cancer.

The second url provides one of the most thorough treatments of the issue I’ve seen. Most of your questions find answers here. See excellent list of references.

Joe Mercola - - is on this. He has developed workarounds that you may be able to apply to your sit. 

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