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Monday, May 21, 2018

Flu Statistics 2017/2018 A Horrible Flu Season -- Bad Vaccine and Weakened Immune Systems

I got the "Flu That Stays Forever" this March, after I got a flu vaccine in November.    First Flu vaccine I ever took, I asked for a low mercury vaccine and they found one that looked low to me.

Fortunately, I was able to kick that killer flu in 2 days, but the cough stuck around for weeks.    I attribute that to general good health and a concentration on pro-biotic diet.  

Radiation does more than just damage DNA or create cancer.   By disrupting the intercellular communication often via electric gradients, radiation can contribute to a wide variety of woes, in medical terms this is called morbidity, kind of the opposite of health. 

A site contributor wrote up the following -- and share it I will.   Mahalo for the efforts, it is making a difference.


This addresses your concerns about flu symptoms. It’s real; we’re all living with it. Some, like you, are more exposed. Spokane is downwind of Hanford. Do not be deceived by MSM assurances that Hanford is secure. It’s not; Hanford leaks.

Secondly, Fukushima’s initial blast debris came right through the Seattle, Spokane, Boise, SLC region. Most west coast radiation detectors were non-operational [deliberately, in my opinion], however, those that were active collected high readings in the intermountain zone where you live. Boise’s rain was super hot for several days.

If you are a researcher in death statistics, you would find thousands of excess deaths in US western states in the 14 months following Fukushima’s initial meltdown [3 cores +1 spent fuel pool]. Excess deaths can be pulled from mortality stats by looking at the differential mortality rate pre and post Fukushima. The number of excess deaths of new borns and infants can’t be explained away, as their demographic is among the most sensitive to rad poisons.

It has been done - search for it - the results are horrifying in scope and for the MSM's silence. For those of us who haven’t had an acute event - heart attack or stroke - there are millions with increased diabetes symptoms, cancers, Alzheimers, headaches, cataracts, and the flu. It’s chronic, related to Fukushima, and will get worse for those who lack awareness.

Japan’s nuclear agency stated four years ago that the releases to the environment from Fukushima were the equivalent of 383 Hiroshima-sized bombs. And the calculation was based on only one isotope, cesium. Fukushima’s debris include more than 1,900 isotopes. Japan’s official nuke agency, and the owners of Fukushima, have been caught repeatedly low-balling the size of releases to the environment. It is safe to assume that the 383 number is actually far higher, perhaps many thousands, perhaps millions of Hiroshima-sized bombs. 

What to do? Consider cannabis. It is a proven protectant; it boosts and maintains the immune system. Its non-psychoactive fraction - CBD - is renown for shrinking tumors and curing cancer. 

I contribute content to this fellow’s site. Info filtered through his site is generally not found in the MSM but I give it a higher trust level. If you want to become educated about the threat, this is a good place to start.

Radiation Decreases Immune Systems, Post Fukushima, Flu Stats Have Skyrocketed 


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