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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Garden Spring 2018

I am a little extreme when it comes to the concept of what you put into your body actually affects your body.    So here are some garden pictures, and a few dog pix to boot.    The Shepherds are pushing 10 and 11, so they are doing great.    Geriatric blood panels show no problems, and they get the obvious supplements for GSD, not to mention as much fresh organic asparagus as they want.   They do <this year> self harvest, but it's the 4th year and the production is amazing.  

So I grow 80% of my own food and are careful on the rest.

Here are a few snippets of the garden circa 2018 spring, it doesn't show the whole extent or the outer "melon and squash outskirts", but all I can do for now.  

Every year I create 1 or 2 more raised planters, 2 high or 3 high CMU blocks.    Last year I got free Cinder block from Steins, what a deal!   I fill them with tree and yard waste in fall, let them self compost and then top with on site made premium compost.   At some point the garden will be all raised, except for plants that "bolt" from too much heat, keep them right in the ground, and in shade if possible.

stock out, comments appreciated.


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