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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Hawaiian Volcano, How to Mitigate Physical Airbrone Health Effects

If lava is coming towards you, RUN!

Alright, just kidding, that should be obvious. Although some residents in the Puna Hawaii area can be described more as fool hardy than brave, by refusing to evacuate and putting first responder's lives at unnecessary risk.  

I was a first responder.   It went with the cards, you spent large amounts of time "on duty" training in medical techniques and even better, physical training, getting paid to work out.  

But we all knew, that when the chips were down, it was our job to take risks, even life threatening risks, to help others.   Completely unlike the "resource officer" at the school shooting that stood outside as kids were murdered.   Now he is collecting $87,000 a year in pay, plus lifetime health care.   When we see him charged with cowardice, dereliction of duty, and failure to render aid, then we know the swamp is being drained.    He was allowed to resign by Chief Israel, just gotta love that name.     There is some scuttle butt regarding "crime fixing" on a personal level between Israel and the Weasel.

But this article is more on Volcanic effect on nearby residents.

I will focus on simple stuff related to VOG.   VOG will exasperate respiratory problems.   It can also cause flu like symptoms, ache all over, heavy legs, dizziness, and difficulty thinking clearly.

Great Resource Here!

Asthma and coughing are likely effects.   These are the most important first line defense / offense that you should employ.    If you can't breathe well, if you can't get oxygen into your system and flowing around, then nothing else is going to work right.  

So if you have ever had Asthma, even if rare or long ago, consider that you should have a quick acting inhaling around, 2 is much better, in case one runs out or breaks.

Coughing, if continued will be more long lasting damage to the throat.   Not being able to get a good nights sleep is a horrible thing for your overall health.     It's in the links below, but a tea made from honey and ginger can be awesome and effective, make one and keep it by your bed stand.  

Another common effect of VOG is headache, which hurts your psychological mood and make recovery from other factors more difficult.    Aspirin is one.   A good massage may help, although not always available of affordable.   Peppermint essential oil on the feet is a great one not many people know about.

Stay inside when possible, use air-conditioning if available, and use HEPA filters in each room you spend any serious time in.   From EPA  -- its almost like they want to scare you off, its so difficult and expensive, NOT!   Any filtration is better than no filtration.

Air purifier information

A room air cleaner can be effective in reducing levels of SO2 and/or PM2.5 from the air. Those living close to eruptive vents need protection from both SO2 and PM2.5, so will need a specialized air cleaner which has both a HEPA (PM2.5) filter and an acid gas (SO2) filter (e.g. activated carbon or other sorbent). Those living further from the vent can use an air cleaner designed to filter fine particles only (HEPA) since they are not exposed to substantial amounts of SO2.
Quality room air cleaners can be expensive and are designed for a room that can be closed-off from the rest of the house and the outdoors. Periodic filter replacement and other maintenance is required for air cleaners to perform as designed.

Some recommend soaking a bed sheet in baking soda, 1 tablespoon  per gallon.    The dosing sounds low to me, why not kick it up to a cup.    In theory, this sheet, hung up, will attract positively charge particles, acid from the volcanic emissions.

Use this winds map to see when your impact may be the worst.,21.99,2581/loc=-157.439,19.878

Here is an SO guide on how to use the wind map.

This from SOEST is interesting, but misses the point, my point, being that I am heavily impacted by the Volcano, on Oahu at this time and for the last 4 days it was noticeable.

And here, a nice summary of mitigating actions you can take, especially if you like essential oils.

Here is some satellite imagery on VOG and SO2.

Any other ideas you have, or actions you have taken to be effective?


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