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Friday, May 4, 2018

Innovating Health CEO Tipping the Establishment On It's Greedy Head, Found Dead at 28 YO

Health CEO and Biohacker Found Dead in Washington DC Facedown in Flotation Tank

He was 28 years old 

Reminds me of the female anti GMO activist going to DC to present a 200,000 signature petition, died in a pool the night before the presentation.   Mila de Mier.   



Founder of Autism Non-Profit Found Dead in Canal

 The future of activism?

And the current status of the coup on the American Government.


  1. I explore the justification of mafia style free market competition via beliefs coming from Social Darwinism over at Enenews

    thread here in response to stocks post

    Here and the above discussion with poster razzz

    A fascinating prediction by Karl Marx

    and on a broader scale, who are the NWO globalists and is Trump with or against them

    1. You stand by these insinuations?
      Trump is for sovereignty, although still a businessman....good at selling airplane....this time to Japan. They should cover their own defense.


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