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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Media Propaganda -- Tools of the Deep State, The Globalists, The NWO

With 80% of all people easily swayed by propaganda, and 95% of media is controlled by just 6 people, this should be seen as one of the biggest problems that we face today.

Former Editor of Time Magazine "I am for propaganda, every country must do it to it's own people"

Per Lot's Wife

At a Council of Foreign Relations forum about ‘fake news', Richard Stengel, former TIME editor, provides the sophisticate's view regarding mass communication, wherein government and journalism direct social and political agendas through propaganda.

To dig into the modern origins of Stengel’s support of authoritarian control, plug this into YT - "Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses”. The video will defrock your notion of a ‘free press’. Its exposures may put a crimp in your eagerness to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance at your next public appearance. 

Further dissection of the body politic is here:

Meanwhile, space in the local newspaper’s letters page is dedicated to complaints about snow plowing and notes of appreciation to helpful strangers.

More Propaganda from Wikipedia

I used to "trust" Wikipedia, until I edited 2 articles that I had direct knowledge of and added a lot of good information.   The next day, my entries were scrubbed.    These were months apart, and after the first scrubbing,  I re-entered the information, which briefly appeared, and then was scrubbed.
The latest report about Wikipedia’s corruption comes from the great investigative journalist Craig Murray, who had been in the UK’s Foreign Service from 1984-2004 and who was forced out in 2004 because, having been since 2002 UK’s Ambassador to Uzbekistan, he decided to whistleblow instead of to accept the corruption by his own and Uzbekistan’s Governments.
It's not likely to get better anytime soon, as a generation of debt slaved millenials has been indoctrinated by the serious left.
"...from the college campus to the corporate boardroom, ...things that once were personal now are utterly political... The hard left now controls not only higher education, but also much of scientific research upon which the future of humanity as we know it depends..."
And more from my Alma-Mater --- the University that relentlessly spams me with full on liberal articles, never once thinking that thinking people may actually not prefer to see an educational institute promote an ideology.    But this female author from northwestern "won" after a battle of sorts.    Good to see some common sense going on.

Here is her twitter if ye tweet

And her book, one of them
Highly-accomplished Northwestern University film professor Laura Kipnis in 2015 found herself being investigated by her employer for alleged Title IX violations because of an essay she published in The Chronicle of Higher Education entitled “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe.” Kipnis, it would seem, had the necessary credentials of a feminist, but that did not matter to the new campus Snopeses. (Northwestern did rule in her favor, but only after Kipnis fought back. She then published another essay, this one on her “inquisition,” and recently publishing a book, Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus, about her experiences.) 
-------------------------------------------- The CFR Council on Foreign Relations stated goal is to educate the USA about the rest of the world. They control Main Stream Media

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