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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Progress Polls -- What Is The Real Thoughts Of The American People? Brennan Kicker

During 2016 election I did multiple polls mostly on my Anti Nuclear website (here) which showed about 80% thinking Trump will win.     This went so far against the MSM fabrications.  

Most anti-nuclear, aka environmental people have a liberal bent to them.    Many think that capitalism is the root of all evil.    Many would never think of supporting Trump, the vulgar, "grab 'em by the pussy" guy.  

So why the poll results that I got?   Good question.    Is part of it that low income and immigrant "voters" don't have access to a real computer, which seems incredulous in this day of everyone having a cell phone with web capabilities.    Or perhaps they just don't care, or don't think that 1 second to click a choice is "worth it". 

I ran across another site on Twitter with 123,000 followers that puts up polls.   The results seem to
indicate that their readers support much of the things that I do.

Why doesn't the so-called left show up at these sites and promote their views?    Good question, let's leave that open for now.

Some interesting side shoots arose from digging deeper on their polls, this one from CIA director Brennan, who left in 2017.   Brennan claims that he is "non-partisian" and I guess, maybe that is possible, i guess you could be a "Never Trumper" and hate Trump not based on party lines.   I guess that is possible, some republicans (the establishment, often globalist, ones who see corporate money as more important than the benefit of the American people)

here are some of the "rules of engagement" for CIA activity.

Here is another version purportedly of the same thing, but looks like a hand scan


May 20
John O. Brennan Retweeted Donald J. Trump
Senator McConnell & Speaker Ryan: If Mr. Trump continues along this disastrous path, you will bear major responsibility for the harm done to our democracy. You do a great disservice to our Nation & the Republican Party if you continue to enable Mr. Trump’s self-serving actions.
John O. Brennan added,

Brennan's Tag Line on Twitter is "Non-Partisian", he only follow 28 people.   Here they are:
Representing California's 28th Congressional District and Ranking Member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Global Head of Trust & Risk Management | Fmr CIA Deputy Chief of Staff | Advises , , Culper Partners &…

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  1. stock, this is one of the more dangerous things Ive seen. Almost 70% agree

    "Do you think American journalists should be fined or imprisoned if they produce propaganda that fights against the United States?

    putting journalists in prison? For propaganda fighting the U.S.? Whos is going to decide that? I see anti U.S. propaganda right on your site bro....


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