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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sarcasm -- Russia Did It -- The Facebook Ads

This is a little sloppy but I need to get work done between the rain storms.

Let;s cut to the chase now--- Mass Stream Media is running multiple day headlines on the "Russian Troll Farm That Swayed The Election"

In the worst case scenario, said troll farm bought $100,000 of "ads" on Facebook over a period of three years.   Many of these ads were never seen a single person, of those seen, only a handful clicked on the ads.

Alternatively, the globalists spent over 1 Billion USD on trying to install Hillary Clinton.  

Got it?   Really, that is about all you need to know

One of the source docs, you should read this, it shows the insanity of this whole Russia meme

I tried to download 3Q 2016 and it worked, the PDF often include the ad itself, but its a horrible shitty way to present "evidence" as paging through these is tedious.    I guess it is like #metoo complaints, the more there are, the more credible the overall claim is, NOT.  

But the links to Facebook.....none of them worked.    So even if the ads made sense in supporting a particular meme, they would be unverifiable.

I added some more screen

cap images at the bottom


NOTE-- The bastards probably spent $17M putting this list together, and they still provide it as a ZIP (executable file that could run any code on your computer) even though at most download speeds it might take just 10 seconds.    656 MB for one example

3500 ads on facebook showing that Russia "did it"

These are hilarious!  

    Lol, so Kremlin ads were more effective at targeting and convincing American voters than the entire domestic mainstream media supporting Hillary Clinton
    — GreekFire23 (@GreekFire23) May 10, 2018

It's a relief to finally get some confirmation that electing the most anti-establishment candidate in the history of American politics wasn't the American people's fault.


 This is not one of the ads, this is  money being used to attack the President of the USA

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