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Friday, May 11, 2018

Stormy Times Coming to Those Who Disparage, Defame, or Blackmail Trump

This is draft and in the works, looks like Stormy Daniels lawyer skated out on $5M in employment taxes, after stripping the money from the Baristas that worked for his LLCs.

Note, all annotated notes in read are my own.

My research continues on whether Michael J. Avenatti is liable for those non-disputed non-paid taxes.    It looks like he used an LLC shell or holding corporation to shield another LLC of similar name.     It doesn't appear that there is any reason to set up such a structure, except to evade taxes, and if true, fraud has no statues of limitations, and could be used to pull back the LLC corporate veil that could provide some personal protection.

It may have been a totally legal "snake move", I can't tell at this point.

Another lawyer has filed a complaint to the State Bar of California, that could have Avenatti disbarred and that is HERE


The "holding company" is/was Global Baristas LLC and the operating company is/was Global Baristas US, LLC.

More research remains and I am getting ready for a huge trip, so no promises, I wish someone would pick up the ball and run with it.

The trial is twisted, just to sue the one LLC, you need to bounce through 3 other  "agents of service"
the final one that I found (with no link to information about them) is Vivian Imperial.    Interestingly in searching on Vivian Imperial they are the service agent for Solar City, which made millions off of crappy solar leases and then left clients with non-performing systems and no service.


It looks like the entities were started in Washington State.

My initial search started in California

Per this article from 2013, Avenatti was an attorney for Global Baristas LLC, which he also held ownership of via Global Baristas US LLC.    It's a curious setup for sure.

This also from Bloomberg, which has even more detailed information, including an employee who workd for Tully's Coffee for 9 years who stated that Avenatti was the only name on his paycheck for that whole duration.     Avenatti tries to distance himself from Global Basristas LLC which is the operating company which operated Tully's Coffee and has the 5 to 6 million dollar tax lien by the Feds from taking employment taxes from the baristas but not turning it over to the Feds.   

LOL I got into this search via a Twitter exchange and Dropbox exchange with Avenatti, now I see Zerohedge covers this pretty well, but I think they are missing the important entity and tax information that I am to pursue....

Ah here I found some nuggets....Avenatti is the Governing Person of Global Baristas, LLC

Interesting, for the first time in their history, Global Baristas, LLC was Delinquent in Filing their annual report and subject to dissolution.

Advanced search on Washington corporations can be found here.   Type in check box for Governor, and then Avenatti.   You can go to important business documents.

On March 6, 2019 
March 9, 2018 There was a statement of change, they don't provide it, and you need a Washington State business account to view it.  


Taxation of LLCs (especially when there are multiple LLCs can get complicated and Federal tax recovery, esp under a tax lien, may be limited to just the physical assets of the LLC, i..e the coffee machines, as the wealth has been plundered via other transfers). 

This Asian Barista thing also under the lawyer and family


I don't want to post porn pictures directly, but for the intrepid, here is BravoTube and a Bunch of Daniels porn.

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