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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tech Super Giants Making Big Changes To Make Sure They Can Sell You Out -- And You "Approved It"

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Not a day goes by without some new "Privacy Policy" shows up in my inbox, and becomes obvious

in social media, both workstation and phone based.

This is all fallout from what should have turned into a shit storm following the open admissions by Facebook that they have been selling your most intimate details in nefarious ways.   Instead, Zionist Zuckerberg was "soft walked" through a little uncomfortable display at the US Congress and then in Europe.

Google Blogger is now forcing people to log in each time and from each device, with scary warnings about unauthorized access attempt, which persist even after you acknowledge that it was really you who logged in.    Its the tracks of the beast, and annoying.

Now I can't even comment on my own blog, not as the site owner, not as anonymous, not as a new url log in.

Skype today took me 30 minutes to figure out how to make it work, although I have used it before.   They also somehow grabbed a separate Microsoft account and name (an alias that I use) and scuttled my legitimate account.

Prior to this non-sense my use of Skype was easy and and I got it to the point of seem less.    The point of their new programming seems to be to force the user to allow Skype to access everyone in your contact list, in order to contact just one person

through Skype.   

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