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Sunday, May 13, 2018

UH Dr. Dulai Presents on Pacific Ocean Radiation, Specifically Fukushima

stock here - Interesting video by Strontium Milks -- UH Researcher Breaks it down but still has much of the "party line" makes the mistake of the "Banana Comparison".    Still, it's an interesting discussion.

We are very possibly in a timeframe over the next several weeks of the release of several atomic bombs of radiation into the Pacific, much much less than Fukushima, but this will include much "fresher" radionuclides that have not half lifed away.    You should review your protocols for avoidance of uptake into your body, review this blog or contact me directly if  you need help.   Any people near the Korean Peninsula, Japan, in the Pacific, and USA and Canada should be especially concerned. 

North Korea, in an accelerated and perhaps even desperate attempt to look good in the world's eye, is going to blow up the tunnels that form the nuclear test site.   In all liklihood, this mountain was already "toast" in terms of further testing, so it is kind of a political play.  

LOL love the work Dutchsinse does on Earthquakes and Vulcanism (very interlinked)-- also funny how he grabbed my tag line "Be Prepared, Not Scared"

Stirring up radioactive dust, IMO "North Korea's nuclear test site to be destroyed within weeks" They are going to blow up tunnels in the mountain.

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