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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hawaii Volcano / EQ Being Caused By Quiet Sun, and Central USA Unrest

106 EQ over 4.0 in 100 years.  
8 of them just in the last few months.

Hmmmmm  are GCR's nucleating gases in the Magma?

Back to Hawaii -- We are in uncharted territory.    Rumors of FEMA ships to rescue after a huge
disaster.   The Hilina Slump has in the last century, created 60' Tsunamis locally that threw 9 foot Tsunamis at parts of California.     What would a 1000' Tsunami do to California, say being 150' hitting California.  

Biggest Swarm so far this "event" 178 EQ and then a 5.2, followed by some pretty rapid aftershocks.


And some conspiracy stuff here -- Satanism


  1. Bourdain item ... sending that around ...

    many weird items

  2. Another good resource - the view from space (twitter) -

    .... I added it to my main page on how to find out live data on the volcano...


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