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Monday, June 4, 2018

A Spiritual Center In The Brain -- Yale Calls It "Supernatural"

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LOL part of the globalist narrative is for people to give up everything that they held dear, everything that they felt was a rock in the storm that they could hold on to.

1) Capitalism
2)  Patriotism
3) Spirituality and or a belief in the Great Spirit or God
4)  Hetereosexuality and the Institution of Marriage

The story below may be important, but check the spin imparted to it.     "God" may be nothing more than a chemical reaction within your brain.

Your thoughts on this?

and for damn sure, you best be turning in your guns also....


A team of US scientists believe they may have discovered the chemical origins of human spirituality in a particular part of the human brain. 
Religious, supernatural and even meditative moments can create all manner of human reactions, changing people’s emotional and psychological state. And, while supernatural events or incidents stemming from a mystical being on-high remain difficult to explain, scientists believe they now know where all the magic happens inside the human brain.

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The study, by researchers at Yale University, has been published online in the Cerebral Cortex journal, and it posits that experiences that transcend the ordinary sense of self have a neural base in the parietal cortex.

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  1. Yes, Bonesmen, monsters of the Id. And time now to trigger their parietal cortex in 3-2-1. President Trump nominated for Noble Peace Prize



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