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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Hawaii Volcano -- USGS Footage of Lava Into the Ocean -- Making New Land.

stock here: Tuesday shows ANOTHER 5.5 hitting Hawaii, and a number of EQ right along the Hilina
Slump which could create the 1000' super Tsunami.

Yesterday was a quiet EQ day, pressure building during the calm.   I saw like 24 EQ over 2.5 at one point in 24 hours.    This is the 4th clear cycle of a daily "fast run" then a pause.

I wonder how many people in Hawaii realize that the Hilina Slump could change their reality in a very real way?    Low probability, but what we are seeing is unprecedented.

This just on's 12 noon in Hawaii, but just now Hawaii gov officials admit that hundreds of structures were destroyed just last night, after the "quiet" earthquake day.

EQ off Fukushima, 2011 happened after Lava lakes at Hawaii "drained" in 2011.
Bezos and his Propaganda Rag the Washington Post, have attacked an excellent Citizen Scientist who is making the paid "pros" at USGS look like.....jokes. 

Dutchsinse has been pushing Earthquakes, Vulcanism, and plate techtonics to new high levels.

WAPO outed Dutchsinse as "Fake News"



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