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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Large Earthquakes in Hawaii up 4600% -- And Mass Media Is Focused on Cars on Fire

In Hawaii region,

In 2018 there have been 23 EQ over 5.0 so far.

In 100 years prior, there were 50 total EQ over 5.0

And this is just barely "news"

The Kileaua Caldera/Crater is collapsing in on itself.   Huge chunks of mountain are falling into a 1000' hole.

And in this most unusual and dramatic events unfolding, the Hilina Slump has not made mainstream news AT ALL.    Even in Hawaii, it is barely mentioned.   "Nothing" can come in the way of getting those tourist dollars.

NO UPDATES from USGS since June 14th, this is June 17th.    I guess they "take off" for fathers day weekend.   LOL

The experts pretend that because Hilina slump only creates a 1000' tsunami every 100,000 years, that there is no elevated risk.

I can't share this great video on fountaining and massive lava rivers.   So watch it at the source.

I can share this one direct USGS



  1. meanwhile, in Louisiana ....
    Entergy-River Bend Nuclear Want To Move Reactor Cooling Core Injection Point From The Reactor Head Spray Nozzle; Remove Some Oversight From NRC – Comment By Thurs. 11.59 PM/Request Hearing By July 23rd

  2. wow it looks like i can comment on my own site again, I guess the imposed "timeout" is supposed to get me to respect the narrative a bit more, LOL


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