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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Volcanic "Cycle" In Hawaii Supports Nukepro Hypothesis of Cosmic Gamma Rays Nucleation of Magma

I will claim this hypothesis as my own.   Seems like it could be proven pretty well by looking at historical data, even geological data for long term evidence.

GCRs Galactic Cosmic Rays (Gamma Rays) do nucleate cloud formation and greatly affect earth weather and temperature.    Now it seems clear that they also affect volcanic processes, Magma, and also Earthquakes.    Recent activity in Hawaii shows
1) A quiet day re earthquakes
2) A building day of swarms of EQ 100 to 200 over 2.5
3) A large volcanic earthquake, or they like to call it volcanic eruption although I think that is mostly some type of excuse to down play scary "earthquakes" by the USGS.    I haven't figure out the motivation yet.


These 5.3 to 5.6 "Eruptions" all happen in the wee hours of the morning, and none of this is publicized by the USGS as a proper warning.    Why is that?

They are also downplaying the likelihood of the Hilina Slump.   I can see why..... people would freak out.    And if it happens, its pretty much game over for 90% of the island chain, maybe Kauai gets somewhat spared, but a 1000' Tsunami is a serious thing.   Downplay the chances.....


LOL a reader sent into these links to "others" who look like they have "discovered" the same thing as me.    Sheesh, seems like I always end up being a "co-discoverer"


  1. been away. I'll chime in here. GCRs produce neutrinos and high energy protons as they interact with our atmosphere. Ill do some checking on GCR secondary particle production but I doubt its significant to produce the result you hypothesize

  2. Invention is always in the zeitgeist. I invented cheese in the hot dog at 14 but Oscar Meyer beat me to the patent office. Im not even going to comment on a major corporation scooping one of my inventions as well.

    1. I am not primarily concerned with financial compensation for my inventions or discoveries, but do find that as I approach a "debt slave" retirement of sorts, that I may try to capitalize on my contributions. My main point at this time, is to point out the sacrilege of the distorted and perverted financially and power trip driven "science" as practiced in the early 21st century.

  3. we know GCR nucleate clouds ....what has your 5 days of research shown?

    Travelling so comms are spotty


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