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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Divide and Conquer -- The Greatest Division Would Be Right Down The Middle, Men and Women

'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact millions of examples of establishment propaganda say that women are better than men in every way, and that men are worse in every way than previously believed.

stock here: Adding in a link here to a nice summary and book called "Rigged" how the super rich globalists have stacked the deck so they get richer and most of the populace is marginalized.

Dean Baker: Rigged: How Globalization and the Rules of the Modern Economy Were Structured to Make the Rich Richer 


The law/government itself is also extremely anti-male/husband/father--much more than the people know.

The establishment also makes women dislike and distrust men, and more recently it has been able to use these very real problems to make men dislike and distrust women and to falsely believe this is all the will of the people.

Making men dislike and distrust women, combined with the environmental toxins that have been feminizing males, means that the NWO are now in their end game.

Instead of focusing on the useful idiots, it would be a little better if we focused on the front men above them, but it would be far better still to focus on the players at the top.

Both parties are front men for these players. At the top, everyone is on the same side. The government does not work for the people, and there is no free-market.

Until we pierce the illusion of legitimacy, it will only get worse. Without the illusion of legitimacy, the players are finished.

That's why they had to choose Trump (their plan B) instead of Hillary. Hillary had taken so much advantage of the fact that she was above the law that she had become too much of a threat to the illusion of legitimacy.

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  1. "The establishment also makes women dislike and distrust men"

    Egging on the #metoo 'movement'. It didn't take long for said establishment to figure out that women generally hide past sexual abuse. So a question must be asked at this time. HOW, did this get started? This, being a movement that has litterally knocked women back to the Stone Age.
    At the expense of men. Killing two birds with one stone.

    The root of this #metoo was black child abuse, revolving around sexual abuse of young girls in Brooklyn. The 'founder', African-American Tavana Burke, admitted to her own childhood sexual abuse, ONLINE, with the statement "me too", in response to a conversation with a child victim. In the 1970's.

    The question remains, how did this woman come into the limelight? And gather momentum in Hollywood? It appears to be a organized agenda. Using the burden of guilt that women carry.
    Something else, where are the 'average' men? Why is it men of men of power & wealth? Is there a bigger agenda here? Most definitely. Women are being used as puppets. IF this is real and not on par with the 'fake news' movement.

    Anyway, think it's bad here? Take a look at S. Korea.

    1. Great Comment.

      Employ maximum force to divide everyone....gather up 30 years of pent up emotion and stress and release it on the modern world to try to "break it".

      Some in the MSM will look back years from now, when maybe things are plainly shown....and they will be horrified at the part they played in it.


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