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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Eruption of the World Largest Volcano - Moana Loa - Looking More Likely With Latest Caldera and Seamount EQ

Today's Unusually Placed EQ

Continued Signs that Moana Loa---The Worlds Largest Volcano is Setting to Erupt

This could easily wipe out major cities like Hilo or Kona

Folks I have "real life" going on.   I would like to be able to explain this in no brainer terms, but this will have to suffice and if you are interested you have to look at my posted material closely. 

Especially the EQ on the on straight line East to West that pretty much cuts the island in half. 

And the EQs right in the Moku'aweoweo Caldera, the main Caldera of Moana Loa, right along the split point which can actually be seen on Google Earth.

And to the west of that, is what can only be an offset magma chamber in which in prior island covering eruptions, there were swarms of EQs.    We are seeing numerous EQ there now, but not what I would call swarms.  

Failure to warn, versus avoidance of panic.    I would sure hope "they" know more than me or Dutchsinse.   June 14 was USGS last video update by Scientist Jessica Ball.


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