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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Japan Upgrading Military -- How a $3M "Investment" Can Create a Trillion Dollar Country Killing Disaster

stock here.   Japan, under pretense of protecting nuclear plants has made a significant investment in it's Military Fire Power.   

USA has been footing the bill since 1945.    I agree, it's time for USA to 80% pull out of Japan, and let Japan pay for their own protection. 

Japan has had an epiphany.   And they have added again to the cost of running nuclear plants.   Even mothballed nuclear plants are targets. 

So they dedicated 2 large ships with helo pads, to be parked off some nuclear plants.

Scenario -- Cruise missiles are around $1M each.    Take 3, please, and launch at the nuke plant primary substation (electrical center), one at the DG backup generators, and one at the main fuel storage.    = Station Blackout and within hours, meltdown.

Nuke plants are always on the water's edge, as we saw at Fukushima.   They are sitting ducks for an
enemy attack.   Where are these nuke plants in Japan?   Look at my map, facing Korea, China.

Two new 1,500-ton vessels with helipads will be deployed between fiscal 2019 and 2020 to the coast guard's Tsuruga office in Fukui Prefecture where several nuclear plants are located, according to the sources.


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    1. Mahalo always for your support and commentary. Funny how at the VOAT some people don't get the point, or they want me to spend 5 hours to flesh out the article.

      An accident on that side of the island, with prevailing winds, would decimate Honshu, the main island of Japan. Japan got "lucky" Fukushima, 90% missed their land.


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