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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Some Dolphins Are In Existential Trouble, and Of COURSE, it is ALL Trump's Fault

The Zionist controlled media and social media are pulling out all the stops to "get Trump", the blowback from their methods could backfire.

Note this story about ocean critter protection.   I am all for ocean protection.   But thinking that we can get Mexico to save this Dolphin, only 15 left (experts counted all of them), when we can't get them to stop sending pass through illegal aliens and some of their worst criminals into the USA, is well....STUPID.

But the point is well taken....anything at all to make Trump look bad.    Anything good that happens is not related to Trump at all.   Anything bad in the entire government is Trump's doing and responsibility.    The issue is hatred, pure and simple.    How did such a huge group of people let themselves be duped into blinding hatred?   

I need to be a realist, I need to be a utilitarian.   And that is where these feel good policies, costly AND ineffective just have to be reviewed in a practical light.  

It's funny too that this lawsuit goes on as an uproar over trade tariffs goes on.  

So we will spend $15M to protect a bio-unimportant "cute critter", but won't push Japan to stop dumping Fukushima waste products into the ocean, proven to bio magnify in chitin, an important biostructure of animals at the bottom of the food chain.    Protect 15 cuties, and allow the food chain to be decimated.   Improperly placed efforts.   

Petting the cute hamster whilst the elephant tramples both of y'all. 

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