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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Strzok's Wife Rewarded With Huge Promotion, as Reward to Have Strzok "Fix" Clinton Email Scandal / Weiner

This is just fucking outrageous! From the link below:

"She was appointed to her current position two days after her husband found out that the New York office of the FBI found 650,000 emails on a lap top in another criminal case.
The emails were from and to Hillary Clinton.

A press conference was about to be held disclosing the discovery of new evidence.
What effect would it have on Hillary Clinton's Campaign for President?
Nothing if Mrs. Strzok was promoted.

Her husband, Peter Strzok, was in charge of the FBI's probe into the Clinton Foundation. He gets a second check working for the CIA.

Spouses have no duty to testify against each other in most court jurisdictions. They can if they choose to.

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