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Monday, July 16, 2018

The so called "Dossier" -- No backup, no names, no emails, no pictures, no real timeline.

Someone said the dossier is much more than just about golden showers, so I decided to read it, their link anyway.   Apparently there are like 3 versions. 

Most notable, there are no names of information providers, no photos, no photocopies, no memos, no emails, no meat of any kind.   And numerous completely implausible presentations, such as someone knowing the content of some of Putin's private meetings.   Or a contingency plan for if the "plot" was ever found out, that some hackers would travel to another city and "lay low", like WTF difference would your physical location matter, one could certainly lay low of further hacking attempts but to pretend some old school meme of going to another city would apply to a modern day electronic communications situation, is pretty absurd on the face of it.  

Read it, see how much you believe it.    It seems "they" paid $15M to $50M for this unbacked up trash.   

Clapper (criminal corrupt former head of National Intelligence) states that it doesn't matter who paid for the Dossier 

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