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Friday, August 24, 2018

911 Was Allowed to Happen, WTC 7 Was a Planned Demolition -- Video From 23 Angles Makes It Obvious

This is  on which is awesome, because YouTube is suspect, evil.

I didn't buy into any of the 911 conspiracy stuff until I saw the USGS debris test results, and realized that much of the debirs had radionuclides at levels hundreds of times what would be naturally
occurring. That was an epiphany. A tough one to swallow, even though I was quite familiar with what our government is capable of, what the CIA/FBI is capable of, what the financial puppet masters are capable of.

 Here is my earlier work on the radionuclides.

Best source to control / feed the media?   Likely the CIA who have been running propaganda for decades, just Google Operation Mockingbird.

here is yet another view that shows obvious explosions right before collapse

And heres another one...that uses the "construction method" to show how the WTC 7 was due to fire only. They completely ignore the BBC announcement 23 minutes before the collapse.

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