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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Aug 5 Indonesian 6.9 Earthquake and Hawaiian Volcano Shutdown --- Its All Linked

Prior to August 5, there were 100 to 400 Earthquakes over 2.5 on the Big Island of Hawaii, daily.    After the Indonesia 6.9 EQ the EQ on Hawaii now dropped to 1 today.

Review of the UTC (universal time) data on the USGS site shows that the Big Island has been slowing down for really big quakes (they call them Eruptions with no justifications, but then they don't have to be reported as huge quakes) for weeks.    Then the Hawaii EQ slowed down to several per hour as opposed to 20 or 30 per hours, and a few hours later the Indonesian 6.9 hit.   

Note also the Eruption Gap --- Days between big 5.0 or bigger "Eruptions", see chart

The same time that the Indonesian Earthquake hit, The Hawaii earthquakes dropped to 13, then 5, then 1. 

Amazing, that apparently no one else has linked these events.  


  1. Amazing find, Stock. Keep it up.

    1. Mahalo, I dropped notes at some of the other "big boys" such as Dutchsinse and Suspicious0bservers.


  3. Replies
    1. ty
      new article up on
      Renewed activity on Hawaii and other unusual Earthquakes far north and far south. Areas that only get an earthquake every 25 years or so.


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