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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Bruce and Nellie Ohr, The Rabbit Trail Runs Deeper Than Just HAM Radio and Speaking Russian

  1. A bit less than 1 Million people speak Russian in the USA.
  2. Same for HAM Radio, around 800,000.

"Nellie" does both.   What are the odds of that?  I wonder if a search their house wound find encryption know Nellie being an expert in electronic security and espionage and all......HAM can reach long distances, expecially with a lucky bounce off the atmosphere, but Nellie's power rating is on the low side....she is not talking to Russia, she is talking to people in the DC area.   A search of all the people in the cast of characters who also hold a HAM license would sure be interesting.

After my semi-deep-dive I found an article by an expert that really deep dives on the Dossier.   It's right here. 
The author is reachable here
Apelbaum [@]

It is awesome work, and I can't imagine that a team of people would be able to come up with this in less than a week.   It is written as if one person wrote it, and did it for free, and is not associated with the Dems or Reps.  

And here is some more awesome work,

Nellie is an expert in Cyber Security and wife of Bruce Ohr, both central figures in the "pre-coup" workup.
Interestingly, I came up with the most detailed family history that I have ever seen, posing also as a "recipe book".      I printed the whole thing, its a Word document, and copied the entire text into here at the far bottom, it's long,  in case the link becomes non-available.  HOWEVER, first time ever, Blogger did not accept the post, did not allow me to even revert to draft, and after 5 attempts at taking out the bulk of the copy from Word, I finally removed the whole thing.   I do have it printed for backup.    They mention Costa Rica and how they adapted recipes to locally available items, but no mention of Kenya where they lived in 1987 to 1988, the same time frame that Obama was there after someone paid for his Harvard college.

Nellie's Mom, as shown below, was a full on radical leftist.    I can't find much on Nellie's

Nellie's Mom Kathleen Armstrong made her first trip to Africa in the fall of 1954, shortly after her mom died in a car accident in 1951 in Oregon.

Kathleen, and her sister, then went to live with Dad and his new wife in 1951.    They had 4 kids, Nellie in the middle.

Kathleen met Richard Hauke in Feb 1958, and they were married in Sept 20, 1958.

They both spent 1987-1988 in Kenya, involved with Kenyatta University.    Nellie would be around 25 at that time.

In the 1970's this was their story
While Richard pursued interests in the academic community, Kathleen pursued her interests in promoting racial equality in education. In the1970's she was active in CANE (Citizens to Advance Negro Education), an organization founded to encourage and promote black students to pursue higher education. To that end, CANE established a day care center aimed at providing a preschool learning environment to encourage educational advancement in the black community. The CANE Day Care Center continues to thrive today. She edited the CANE Newsletter and, a tennis enthusiast, Kathleen founded the CANE tennis tournament in Kingston in 1969. She worked as a research assistant at Harvard University's Graduate School of Business (1971- 1972) for Professor Stuart A. Taylor, a URI graduate who, with Registrar Edmund Farrell, and communications director Polly Matzinger, had founded CANE in 1962.
In 2015 Obama spent 3 days in Kenya, he took time to visit and Speak at Kenyatta University.

-------------------------------------------------- President is also named Kenyatta, not sure the relationship ---------------------------------------------------------- Nellie Ohr has some interesting writing also. Collective farms and Russian peasant society, 1933-1937 : the stabilization of the kolkhoz order

------------------------------------------------------- Family Story and Recipe Book 


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    1. Lots of people deep diving Nellie, but I believe I am the first one to expose the Kenya and Obama connections, and the far left mom.


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