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Thursday, August 30, 2018

College in Wisconsin Destroys Students 1st Amendment Rights -- Will Not Allow Free Speech About 911 Attack

Here is a deeper dive with more facts and real quotes about the story.

stock here -- In kind of funny Orwellian fashion, today is a day of silence on campus "use your voice
by not using it".

Tuition is $43,508, plus Room Board and Activity fee brings it to $52,209 per year. 

If you want to contact Ripon college, a smallish private college (not driven by PC government policies at least directly) use this.

or you can call the

president at (920) 748-8118

Some Facebook comments are at the right, or you can visit and comment directly. 

Detractors of Socialism will just be feeding into their own echo chamber, riling up the already true believers, while convincing no one else, if they can't see basic truths when the "other guys" have truth.

The otherwise embarrassingly incompetent Ocasio-Cortez says that national park system is an example of Democratic Socialism.   And she is exactly right.   Other cities and counties have excellent example of Socialism in the way they have awesome Park Systems that everyone can enjoy.  

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