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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fiji Deep 8.2 Earthquake Warning Fills Out --Many Interesting Charts

Quick add here --- Awesome picture of Hawaii Volcano compiled by CBS

stock here-- Earth models per the right figure are perhaps useful, but it is also obvious that after hundred of millions of dollars, and thousands of "jobs" that earthquake researchers are falling flat on their face in terms of real understanding.

A deep 8.2 hit Fiji area.

This area gets hit a lot, but not in a line, not that they even draw the fault line there, although  fault lines run on both sides of it.

So it is not a "Quiet Zone".   It is a wide active zone between other specific congregated fault lines.

Today was deep, 580 kM if I remember right.     Thats pretty common, charts below will make that plain.    Also shallowish EQ less than 50 kM are common and evenly spread throughout the area.
Deep (Let's call it more than 400 kM) is not uniformly distributed, there are seperate distributions in both the longitudinal and lattitudinal directions. 

3D Mapping would sure be interesting.  I am surprised I havent seen the below type of analysis in any common news or even Geology type studies and papers.    It's simple stuff, but seems so instructive, at least what it might be able to be known.

The charts are labelled pretty well, I think you will get the idea of how these can be clues related to what is really going fast fashion, across the plates and the whole globe--- by understanding EQ and volcanic activity, Magma chamber size, shape, and depth and how magma flows and pressures can travel great distances, quickly.

Have a look see, drop a comment


  1. sorry if repeat, but this channel has instant updates on these big, big quakes ....

    ... worth subscribing to.

    What has me worried is ring of fire often gets active on one side then it "echoes" from the other side (CA) later ....

    1. I subscribed TY

      How did you like the lat long plotting?


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