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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Geoengineering -- They Have the Nerve to Call That Shit a Conspiracy!

Now the problem is, how to take effective action.  

The UK has been talking very plainly about Geoengineering since 2010

The super rich, apparently think of themselves as some kind of philosopher/strategist Kings who really do know what is best for the world.   With control of the media and the government, including in all likelihood, the US president past and near future, the solution really involves great awakening, a tipping point.   

In regards to the deadly fungal infections:
1) Radiation creates ailments along with reducing immune system function
2) Radiation creates mutations in which various infecting agents can become more effective against us.
3) GMO/GE food along with a steady diet of glyphosphate creates a destruction of proper gut function, and 70% of the immune system is generated in the gut.
4) SRM -- Spraying chemicals in the air to misguidedly try to reduce solar radiation reaching earth has mutliple effects, some being chemical poisoning of hosts, and more and more effective fungal sources.

links via Lot's Wife

With certainty, we know that solar dimming encourages the growth of fungus. The rise in fungal-related deaths and hospitalizations can be pinned on solar radiation suppression. Consider the value of ultraviolet light to help repel harmful fungi at home.

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