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Friday, August 10, 2018

Globalist Controlled Media Is Poorly Ranked In Viewership -- They Control Some Minds -- Fewer and Fewer

stock here:   Sorry to those having trouble  posting comments.    It has happened throughout the years.   I think it is a soft censoring process, like the opposite of intermittent reinforcement....intermittent failures making it less likely that people will even try to comment at all.

After all, Nukepro does not fit the narrative.

ON Zerohedge someone authored about why was Alex Jones upset because he knew ....I can't find the story anymore....maybe ZH had too many complaints....<sic> that he was using the establishment's system.     LOL well at least in the past, the establishment pretended that they weren't evil cock sucking sociopaths who would do anything to fuck us over, as long as too many didn't outright die and there was enough fleece space left.    At they pretending.   We are in a new phase.

The stats below were refreshing to see.    The way fake news presents things, you would think that maybe 50% of the country was bat shit crazy, but it is not that bad.

It is clear that the Globalist are desperate, all of their little games are failing, being exposed.

On Monday on ruling came out that Trump could not block certain people on Twitter, because it was a "public platform".     Then the next day, the somewhat wacky, but often right on the money Alex Jones (I just can't stand his voice) was censored on Facebook and Youtube and more.

The timing is incredible.   I think the Trump administration is missing the boat though.   They need to file suit and file charges against coordinated efforts against the USA, they need a team of the best 200 lawyers AND Internet Researchers to pull together some cases to show the mainly Zionist controlled media is operating with the express purpose of weakening, damaging, dividing and ultimately destroying what USA used to be.   Instead they want a immoral and demoralized, fragmented USA that they can still fleece at will.

I don't always agree with Jimmy Dore, but then again, I don't always agree with anyone.   But he gets a lot of things right, and even makes it entertaining.

And finally, in reference to the initial "comment" comment, I received this comment from a comment by someone who could comment, from a commenters who commented at another site that they could comment on!

[from Flying Cuttlefish comments ] Hey Cuttlefish! I have chosen not to sign up for, so i’ve never been able to put comments on Stock’s page at His work is freaking great, highly valuable, but trying to make an anonymous comment never works! He deserves to know folks are reading and trying to share. I guess you are able to communicate with Mr. Stock, at He still makes comments at the stagnant I am on the mailing list at Thanks again for this work you do Cuttlefish! We have hardly any bugs outside, and it seems obvious we’ve lost some atmospheric softness here just below 6,000 feet in SW NM. It seems unnaturally bright, too hot in the sun. I go to food pantry places. There are no fruit flies. We used to have dozens of houseflies to whack every day. Not no more! Decay process in my half-ass compost seems suspended, stuff is not rotting rightly. How about it, Cuttlefish? Let us ride forth! With a Blast of on


  1. and their content is spoon-fed to them by CFR etc. .... and they are all reading the same script ....

    1. Exactly, I remember Hillary on video stating "CFR will tell us what to do"


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