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Friday, August 17, 2018

Hawaii Hilina Slump -- How Much Dangerous Weight Was Added By Volcano?

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Seemed like a legitimate question to me.

The answer is, as of  this June 8th Article, after 36 days of Eruption

Eruption pretty much stopped within hours of the Indonesian 6.9 EQ at the infamous Rinjani Volcano which had a massive eruption in 1257 which led into the Little Ice Age, along with a Quiet Sun, like Now.   That was August 5th.

The Eruptions increased after June 8th.   So lets swag a final estimate.

2,667 Billion Pounds Added to the Big Island 

This article talked about the volume of lava, covering Manhattan 6.5' deep


  1. Relatives in Sacramento CA elevation <25 meters Healdsburg 30 meters. Golden Gate passage is restriction for Sacramento San Joaquin Valley when wave is under 50 meters.

    It is curious how difficult to find Central/Northern California Coastal model for Golden Gate moderate period Tsunami over 50 meters. Apparently these CA coastal Tsunamimodels were extant until Hilina Slump became a concern....

    1. Mahalo for the comment! Indeed, i spent hours trying to find Tsunami propagation modeling, and came up empty handed!

      It seems that most government and now academics know "deep in their sociopathic hearts" that panicking the people is the worst thing to do...far better to let them live in ignorance and then die.


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