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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Huge 6.4 Earthquake in Northern Alaska After Swarm of 56 EQ Right There, and 2 Hits On Hawaii Slump

Well I am glad that the USGS agrees with my opinion....however, they are wrong in just thinking that north Alaska is in a new "zone" of Earthquake thinking and analysis....its the whole world right now, be ready for the unexpected. 

Swarm of 56 earthquakes in northern Alaska, followed by a huge 6.3
 69.710°N 144.273°W

My search box for Alaska northern part is shown.   In 100 years, there have only been 19 earthquakes over 4.5 in this area.    6 of them have been today!

Fairly non-descript area for earthquakes, no obvious volcano.   Some type of anomoly.

Indeed we are in an unusual Earthquake scenario

Very quiet compared to 400 per day, which stopped within hours of the Indonesian 6.9

But these are "Slump hits".  Not good. 


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