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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Judicial Watch Being TOO Effective at Exposing the Cast of Criminals

It is amazing to consider that our government would just destroy official records, emails, and texts.

Judicial Watch is pushing for "preservation orders", which the FBI has gone to court to push back against that.    They want to destroy evidence.

Judicial Watch has been getting some records released, although everyone is "slow walking" them.    Strzok's firing was a direct effect of documents released just last week.   We covered that here at nukepro.

Then with the Preservation Order, the FBI states that in terms of preservation, they just gave the letter to those involved, and that no further action was needed.   They are effectively in Contempt of The Court Order.   See video.  

My take?   The FBI and CIA cannot release much of  those records.    Even if the cast of criminals is partly already fired, when the truth came out, the disgusting corruption of the Deep State and their efforts to undermine the USA would be fully exposed.  

Politicians hate seeing other politicians go to jail.   They know it makes it more likely that they themselves will land in jail at some point.   Same goes for the "elite" top levels at the Alphabet soup agencies.

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