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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Keith Ellison -- Attorney General for Minnesota -- An Abuser? A Muslim? A Sellout Among All Those

Karen Monahan complained that Keith Ellison "abused her".

MSM, aka Twitter, apparently doesn't like people looking into this story.

stock here: None of our big problems have a chance of being solved if USA cannot withstand the vicious NWO assault that just about won.  So spending time and effort and promoting truth related to this whole mess, is worthwhile, if you care try to help at all.   

Minnesota is a very liberal state, especially Minneapolis area.

I'll be clear here:  I don't agree with everything "conservative", especially as it relates to environmental protection and abortion.   But overall I think that most liberal "policies" are at best, ineffective, and often counter productive.    Especially since Hundreds of Millions have been spent to "co-opt" and mold policy into the liberal narrative, those that favor the Open Society foundation of Soros and the NWO in general.     Kind of like living life in the way that Hollywood and TV have portrayed things, and then wondering why shit doesn't work out.

Sheriff Israel for instance, somehow convinced himself he was doing an awesome job, when everything about his department stank of cowardice and ineffectiveness.   I think I can smell the "high moral ground" when I read about him or watch his videos training officers to "stand down".

Karen Monahan complained that Keith Ellison "abused her".

Her son claims he watched video of Ellison dragging his mother by the hair, and that he was stressed out after that.   Personally, I would be kicking his slimy ass if I saw that in person or on video, but that's just me, and I grew up in a different world of sorts. 

On the son's Facebook Page, which is here, I saw an interesting comment below, but first cut to the chase.
If these allegations are true, and if Karen Monahan does not release the video and texts, then she is doing a great disservice to her community, Minnesota, and USA overall.    

Sure, it may bring up bad memories, it may even create some embarrassment.     But if these allegations are true, there is a good chance that Keith Ellison is really a sociopath, and we need to remove these types from our high offices.  

Jermaine Alexander I wrote This last year regarding Keith Ellison a sellout and a Enemy to the black nation

Dear Keith Ellison,

Oh yea Congressman Ellison, 

Hey But at one point you embraced the attribute of Keith X, and from your following the strict Structure of the Nation of Islam you was giving the name Muhammad, Keith Muhammad. But Keith or Ellison, you were the first alleged Muslim to take oath of office on the Holy Quran , made history huh? However my issue with that and what the conscious community need to understand and question is why would you take the name of the slave-master to take oath on the Holy Quran , rather than use the name Muhammad that you was given but why would you go back to using the slave name of Ellison. 

Is it because of your denouncing the Honorable Minister Farrakhan you stated "I have long since distanced myself from and rejected the Nation of Islam due to its propagation of bigoted and anti-Semitic ideas and statements, as well as other issues," ……….Ellison's spokesperson noted to CNN that "President Obama, Stevie Wonder, Maya Angelou, and many others also attended the Million Man March" and said he "had no additional involvement with March organizer Louis Farrakhan or his organizations, has long since denounced him, and rejects all forms of anti-Semitism."

How dare you Denounce Farrakhan but then accept the backing and support of Chuck Schumer one of your strongest supporters, while Chuck is a known fighter against our people, one of the strongest advocates against the rise of Black people in New York and throughout the country and world….TO ALL READERS please GOOGLE CHUCK SCHUMER and some of the laws he has proposed some of the laws he voted against and voted for. Nonetheless Ellison is Schumer’s boy, token- Nigger…coon too. 

I will next say that I personally witnessed you come into the Black Lives Matter meetings record and listen to the battle plans and strategies as we fought for Justice for Jamar Clark in Minneapolis. In the beginning, you supported the protest and our occupation of the fourth Precinct of the Minneapolis police station stating to the media….“The message is one that it is fair, righteous, and just to let your voice be heard,” Ellison said. "The first amendment says Americans have the right to address grievances of their government. So this is our constitutional right to be here.” 

But Tom Ellison, I mean Keith Ellison what made you change your mind. What was you given or promised to abruptly change your mind a change your tune. Because couple of days later after you sat in on several of our meetings you stood on the side of the enemy/ the police and the mayor and your words were "Protestors and activists should continue to push for systemic change in Minnesota, but it’s time for the protest occupying the 4th Precinct to move beyond the encampment,” ….

I am aware of your cutthroat mentality though your lack of love for the people I see your entire greedy agenda, I remember the letter you passing me in court telling me to abscond from justice and thus I was prosecuted in that case with a felony….( the first time in Minnesota a person was charged with a felony failure to appear), I clearly remember you coming to court to testify against me for failure to appear after you my attorney, and I thought a Muslim and friend to the Black community…. Thereby breaching client attorney privilege.

I HAVE THE TRANSCRIPTS FROM THE TRIAL IN WHERE YOU were my attorney but you wittingly and skillfully aided the state in finding me guilty, I have the transcripts of you allowing Coleen Luna and John Grehek to take the stand while their name wasn’t on the witness list nor was there name read to the jury during VOIR DIRE to be called as witness without any objections, I have the documents of forgery by Shay Shackle of St> Paul Police Crime Lab and you allowed it with no objections. 

I was a very young man with no understanding of criminal court proceedings….
But due to your rapacious mind I studied the law and unlike others I am out of prison and are able to articulate your mind your underhanded double-dealing double-crossing actions against your people. We are well aware of Pepi Mckenzie being locked up for life and you contributed a large part of the misconduct, misconduct in Freddie Dillard-BEY case, in the Brother from Mississippi the Brother from Jamaica Edward……Now you are throwing stones at the good sista Nekima Leavey Pound quest to be Mayor of Minneapolois….You send your homo son to run against one of Sister Nekima’s protégé and strongest supporters and part of her base. 

So your blood, your son appears to be a chip off the old Block, sitting un with us fight with us for justice, but attempt to separate the Black vote when he know that we have to great candidates running for mayor and city council……WHY SHOULD BLACKS SUPPORT YOU SELL OUT THIEF AND LIAR


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