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Friday, August 24, 2018

Large Deep EQ Pounds and Astounds South America, as Alaska Continues, and Hawaii Resumes Unusual Activity

DEEP Large 7.1 Hit 08-24-18 Following a whole string of unusual earthquakes.    Unusual activity
continue in far northern Alaska (the north slope) which had its largest earthquake ever.  

North Slope Alaska taking 1/3 of all the EQ hits of the globe

And an uptick in EQ activity in Hawaii, which could be enhanced by low atmospheric pressure caused by Hurricane Lane passing near yesterday and today.

Nothing obviously unique about this DEEP 7.1 like an old volcano or obviuos prominence.   The rivers are here sure are twisty


  1. Replies
    1. Sad but true, we can mitigate risk, but we are never "out of the woods" in this lifetime.

  2. methane alert - "bubbling lakes in the remote Arctic tundra,"

    1. Funny how they still blame the "carbon" not the methane.

      CO2 lie continues, fighting carbon, lol funny thing for carbon based life to do.


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