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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Massive 6.9 Quake In Indonesia, Kills 39, Takes the Pressure Off Moana Loa Eruption, For Now

6.9 EQ in Indonesia on Aug 5, 2018, pretty deep at 31km.   Expect more quakes and larger quakes at shallower
BUT 2 odd quakes, not at Kilauea, seem to line up on the left and right edges of "The Slump"
depths.   However, it seems some "stress" is taken off of Hawaii, as the quakes there dropped from 300 a day to 13.


  1. I wonder for how long ....
    Hawaii volcano eruption slows to virtual halt

    1. Funny how they are so convinced that eruption wont start again, and funny how they ignore the Indonesia 6.9


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